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Incredible face tattoos and stories behind them

<![CDATA[Your face is the most important part of your personality, as it is the very first thing anyone would notice about you. Even a small scare on face could give you sleepless nights, so getting a face tattoo is indeed a huge decision. Here we have complied a list of few people who proudly flaunt their face tattoos.

Man with an inked eyeball and tattooed face

Image Source : Image.Cleveland.Com

Jason Barnum from Alaska has a heavily tattooed face with an inked eyeball. He was sentenced for 22-years of imprisonment for attempting murder of police officers. He bears several tattoos on his face and eyes.

Man who has his son’s face tattooed on one side of his face

Image Source : DailyBuzzlive.Com

To pay tribute to his dead son, Christein Sechrist has got his son’s face inked on the left side of his face. Many people find this bruised colored tattoo disturbing and gives Sechrist often has to unpleasant reactions.

Man with a tattoo on the chin

Known as Maori, this chin tattoo originates from legit tribes. This man decided to pay homage to different tribal cultures, so got the symbol permanently inked on his chin.

Man with the most bizarre tattoos on face

Image Source : Assets.NydailyNews.Com

Oklahoma-based man Michael Carter is known for getting himself in trouble several time by doing certain stupid things to scare off people. He has got several face tattoos including swastika and Jesus Christ portrait.

Gangster with a tattooed face

Image Source : I3.Mirror.Co.Uk

Khamprasong Thammavong is a gangster from California. He has got numerous tattoos on his face including a brand name on his forehead. His face is heavily inked with different designs and even flaunts few inscriptions over the eyes and lips. Due to the changing tattoo designs on his face, he was able to skip his arrest for many years.

Tattooed man discovered by Lady Gaga

Image Source : Cdn.Actionrecon.Com

Also known as, the Zombie boy, Rick displays a macabre body art that fascinated Lady Gaga and gave him an entry in her video “Born This Way.”

Man with a lizard face

Image Source : Pinimg.Com

The man has inked creepy lizard scales all over his face, which scare off many people who encounter him. Due to this bizarre tattoo he has been entitled as the ‘lizard man.’

Man who made tattoos on his face just to become famous

Image Source : I4.Mirror.Co.Uk

With the desire to become famous and get all the attention, this Canadian model has got his face permanently inked with words like FAME, LICK, etc.

So these were some of the bizarrely incredible face tattoos with some disturbing and weird reasons. No matter what, but these people like to flaunt their tattoos in style.]]>

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