Goatee styles for bald men for that sharp look

Men want to look stylish and cool for which they are ready to experiment not just with their outfits but also with their hairstyle and even beard and moustache. Many guys like flaunting goatee. It is basically a beard grown below the lower lip on the chin. Its appearance is similar to the chin of the goat and hence the name.

Why do you need a beard with a bald head?

beard with a bald head

If you observe closely you will find that many bald men usually have a beard or moustache. Well, one may wonder with no hair on the head why one needs facial hair. The answer is simple. Just having that bald look can be so boring and moreover you look similar to the bald man next to you.

So then where is that unique style which will separate you from the rest of the crowd? For this very reason, it is important that if you have shaved your head then you style up your look by growing facial hair. You can have a thick moustache and or full grown beard or a stubble or a goatee or anything that looks good.

Best goatee styles for bald men:

  • Here are some of the best goatee beard styles for bald men which will make them look like style icons.
  • Have a just a stubble in the goatee style. It will make you look just so cool you cannot even imagine. If you make that stubble a little more thick and wear glasses you will surely have that super intelligent guy look.
  • If you are just a little older now than have a thin moustache along with the goatee. It will give that look which is both stylish and mature.
  • Get that perfect celebrity look by going the Van Dyke goatee way. It goes perfectly with casual as well as professional wear. You can also have a goatee with a thin moustache and match it up with branded sunglasses to look like that high flying business tycoon.
  • You can even opt for that African goatee which has a straight cut. If your complexion is slightly on the darker side then it surely looks good.
  • You can also grow both a goatee as well as a separate moustache. It gives a highly mature look and rugged look.But if you are that simple, no mess guy then having just a simple goatee along with a bald head is enough to create a style statement.
  • Another classic way of carrying a goatee look is to combine it with the French beard look. Oh wow! It surely looks different and amazing.
  • If you have thick facial hair then go in for a thick goatee and you can combine it with a thick moustache. This also makes you look mature and classy.
  • For that prince charming look give a little shape on the inner side of the goatee and let it look an arc or something like that.
  • If you want to look funky and a little weirdo type of look then grow a slightly longer goatee and curl it up.
  • You can also get that super Asian look with a goatee. If you want to look like a sportsperson or want to look more mature than your age then too goatee can be helpful to you.

Goatee is one of the best ways to get that sharp look especially if you are bald or have purposely shaved off your head. It surely makes you create a style statement. You can look mature, sporty, trendy just about anything that you wish to look like by changing the style of that super cool goatee.


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