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12 Tell-tale signs of a gifted child

All children are unique and special in their own way. There are some signs which can tell you whether your child has unusual intelligence, maybe even a genius. What if he or she has the potential to reach the heights of Marie Curie, Einstein and Beethoven. There are tests to reveal the ‘genius’ness of a child. Apart from tests, there are other ways to assess the intelligence of your child is when he/she is just an infant or toddler. Here are some signs which can tell if your child is a gifted child:

12 – Signs of a gifted child

1.     Exceptional language and communication skills

infantOne of the first signs that your kid is a genius is the ability to communicate early. Gurgles, and cries and giggles are the vocabulary of an infant, till the age of one year, when they start to talk, and form sentences by about 18 months. If your baby is forming sentences before 14 months of age, and loves your story telling sessions, or is able to follow your instructions to carry out a particular task, then be assured that your baby is a gifted child.

Your child will reach other milestones early as well, but you’ll be surprised at how easily your child forms complicated sentences with ease.

2.     They are extremely good at observing

Your exceptionally intelligent child is probably quite observant too. He/she will remember shapes and colors, your routine, and recognizes ‘pattern recognition’ i.e. repeated behaviors or activities happening around him/her earlier than others. They will observe the number of toys which can fit in their box and so on.

3.     Emotionally intense personality

Emotionally intense personalityYour little child genius will have an intense personality too. Remember reading/watching the highly emotional/volatile/intense personalities of geniuses in books and films? Your little one who is exceptionally intelligent will also feel everything intensely.

Both negative and positive experiences are felt deeply by genius children, and they also have a very mature thinking which is quite complex. They connect at a powerful level to pets and people forming connections easily. They may be upset by other adults and children reacting in a negative way to their emotions and thoughts, but you have to reassure your gifted child that he/she is perfectly normal.

4.     Sharp memory

If your kid is a genius, he will have a memory which will amaze you. He will also be able to make connections easily, for example, he might point to the refrigerator if he’s hungry. He will form an understanding of his surroundings earlier than the expected age, and will remember what he sees. Also, the names of all types of dinosaurs!

5.     Extra alert

Extra alertBabies and toddlers respond to the adults’ behavior around them. If your toddler is a gifted child, he/she will notice that you are feeling low, and will try to console you in the best way they can – hugging you or wipe away your tears. Parents of exceptionally intelligent toddlers should control their anger and other intense behavior as they might end up scaring their child.

6.     Extremely curious

Extra intelligent children are full of questions about everything they come across. They’ll probably open up their cars and trains to see how they go. They shower you with whys and will be happiest when you give them detailed answers. You will probably learn a lot too, and Google will become your best friend. As the parent of a genius, be prepared to satisfy the insatiable curiosity of your little genius.

7.     He/she prefers to be alone

 prefers to be aloneIt’s been observed that gifted children prefer their own company, and can play for hours with their puzzles, coloring books and toys. Intelligence in toddlers is observed if a child seeks the company of other children, then they would be older than your child, as they can gain higher intellectual as well as emotional explanation for things.

If your child is satisfied with their toys, and can play for hours without a lot of things, then your child is a gifted child. Your child may be introverted too, so it won’t be a good idea to force him/her to do anything they don’t want to, especially making friends with children they don’t pay much attention to.

8.     Problem solver

Your little darling who is very talented will not give up easily. He will actually find new and innovative ways to solve problems. You can notice this when he/she tries to fix the toys they have broken or when they try to create new things from things they find lying around.

9.     Can Be Stubborn

StubbornBeen tearing your hair out dealing with your stubborn little toddler? Well, it seems stubbornness is a sign of determination and considered high intelligence in toddlers, especially if they negotiate with you to get whatever they want.

10.     Displays a thorough grasp of things

Children who are particularly gifted have an in-depth knowledge of the subject

Their interest. They may probably list all the cars in the world, or the planes and dinosaurs. They will have a deep grasp of the fundamentals of the subject they’re interested in by the age of 11.

11.     They sleep less

They sleep lessAnother aspect of gifted children is that they have high energy levels and thus find it hard to switch off their brains. They fall asleep only when they are physically and mentally tired. Even if they sleep less than 10 hours, they don’t seem to be affected by it and are hardly ever cranky because of less sleep.

12.     Extreme focus

Babies have very short attention spans and are distracted easily by new movements and sounds around them. They might do something for about 10-15 minutes, but beyond that, especially over the age of one is too much to expect. A gifted baby will focus for a long time on something, and they are able to match colors and shapes when they are about 10/11 months. They might even point to images and turn pages as you read out from storybooks.

Babies who have a higher birth weight and hear many languages end up having a higher IQ.  All children make up stories but if the stories are very intricate, then you may consider your child to be gifted exceptionally too.


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