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8 Tips to handle your daughter’s First date

Relationships might eventually be complex but it all starts off at an early age. Teenagers usually start dating before getting into something serious. So it is only natural for your young daughter to eventually start her dating journey. Now it might not be the best moment for you initially. After all you are her concerned father and you have every reason to be worried. At the same time the situation is such that you might let go or your daughter might feel like you are intruding into her personal life. So we are here with this article to help you in such a tricky situation. We will be giving you the best advice on how you can deal with your daughter’s first date.

Some things to know for your daughter’s first date

  1. The time will come and you must accept:

    start to accept it that your daughter is no longer a little girl.
    Like we said it is a natural process which you cannot obstruct. So instead of being angry about it or upset about the fact start to accept it that your daughter is no longer a little girl. Soon the first date will be a thing of the past and she will develop an entire personal life of her own. It might have come as a sudden shock for you but let it settle in and accept your daughter’s first date just like you would accept any other thing that is normal.

  2. Learn to be excited for your daughter:

    We understand that you are anxious about how the first date for your daughter will turn out to be. But at the same time it is important to note among your preparation tips that you have to show a certain amount of excitement for your daughter. It is a big day in her life and since it is the first time it is normal for her to be over excited. Show excitement in her new life turns and in this way she will also learn to trust you and let you know if something goes wrong.

  3. Try to meet her date:

    Try to meet her date
    This can be a difficult task to accomplish. Firstly, your daughter might not be so comfortable with this idea and can feel you are getting a bit too involved. Also it might lead the guy to wrongfully judge her as being over protected. Instead try to use your friendly nature to gain some information about the guy she is going out with. Casually ask to meet him once so that you at least see his face before they leave. Apart from the obvious safety reasons it will also help you to calm your nerves regarding your daughter being out on her first date.

  4. Set some boundaries:

    Your daughter has reached an age where she is independent enough to go on a date. But it does not imply that she can have it all her way. Set some boundaries for her so that there is some discipline in the process. Daughter’s first date is also a time for her when she is somewhat vulnerable. So while you should allow her to go make sure that there are certain guidelines that she must adhere to. It can be about returning home before a set time limit or the condition that she would have to pick up the call whenever she is called.

  5. Be concerned about safety:

    Be concerned about safety
    This is among the best advice you will get for your daughter’s first date. Safety these days is a genuine issue and it is best that you see to the safety of your daughter. There are way too many instances of teens being irresponsible and drinking or driving and getting into trouble. One easy way of course is to tell about all the possible problems in case she oversteps the line. You can also do some other things like calling her every now and then to check on her or speaking with the guy she is going out with beforehand. The more well informed and sensible your daughter is, the lesser are her chances of getting into trouble.

  6. Trust your daughter:

    One of the important things to do when your daughter is on her first date is to trust her in the process. Trust her maturity and her wisdom to handle her thing herself. We do not mean that she will not make mistakes in the process. In fact this being her first date she most certainly will. But trust her to deal with her mistakes by herself without any help for you. Hasn’t that been the case with you or your friends as well? So trust her with all your heart and be there to support her if she needs.

  7. Talk openly about her date:

    Talk openly about her date
    Her going out on a date is a perfectly normal incident and does not have to be a hush hush affair. So make sure that you talk about her date in the house. This will also help you to have a discussion which might otherwise seem a little awkward. Make no mistake about the fact that this discussion is important for a successful date on her part. In fact, while you are at it also teach her some valuable defense tips in case she needs to protect herself.

  8. Debrief gently:

    Once your daughter’s first date is over do not make a mess of the debriefing process. Just ask a general question on how her date went. Ask how she was treated by the guy and leave some sensible remarks. Avoid seeking a detailed report which can actually make her feel weird and awkward and she will start sensing that you are intruding a bit too much.

Final words

Now that you have read the article you have a fair idea of how to deal with the proceedings. Remember that it is only a natural process and there is no point of forcefully obstructing it. Implement the things to do when your daughter finally takes the big step forward. We hope that in the process our preparation tips will come in handy.


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