10 – Food habits of the Japanese that we seriously need to adopt

Today’s world is incredibly health conscious. Good food habits and calorie consciousness are prioritized highly. Under such circumstances the Japanese diet can throw some light as to what the ideal food habits should look like. With one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world the Japanese are a true advertisement of the perfect way to eat. So here we are going to speak about some of the healthy food habits that you might pick up from the Japanese. These will ensure you have good health and also a good physique as these are some of the best food habits to lose weight in the world.

Some of the healthy food habits of the Japanese

  1. Food aesthetic:


    We are more attracted to the food that looks very good. The Japanese paid extra attention to this aspect and for that reason all of their dishes have an extraordinary aesthetic. In fact one of the easiest examples is if you compare a hamburger alongside fries with a full plate meal of sushi. The colorful food items with red green yellow and several others are carefully distributed in the food that is healthy and if you eat like a Japanese then the mere sight will help you eat the healthy food.

  2. Stomach is filled 80%:

    This is something many of us tend to ignore when terribly hungry. But as far as Japanese food habits are concerned, they would never have a meal that would make them full. The general rule is that as a part of a diet menu they would consume it all but I moderation so as to fill the stomach only about 80%.

  3. Small portions of food:
    Small portions of food

    Imagine a giant cheeseburger which is a common form of junk food. Now compare that with any Japanese dish. There is a marked difference in proportions and the Japanese ones are much lesser in quantity. It is well established that the body takes smaller portions of food much better and it is ideal to have repeated meals instead of one very large meal. So when you eat like a Japanese, due to the smaller portion sizes you end up eating less and more number of times.

  4. Light dinners:

    The importance of a light supper cannot be stressed upon enough when it comes to good food habits. In fact doctors all over the world suggest this for their patients. The most calories are to be consumed during the day and the minimum at dinner and that too should be more of an early dinner. This is pretty much a part of the Japanese food habit and they make it a point to eat a light and early dinner which reflects in their good health.

  5. Rice:

    Sushi which is one of the primary dishes of Japan

    The Japanese dishes are fairly based on rice. Sushi which is one of the primary dishes of Japan is fish rolled by sticky rice. It is an important and healthy part of a diet. As a complex carbohydrate with decent nutrition it is essential for the energy in the body and also helps to keep one full. Instead of indulging in junk food, the Japanese would much rather have rice to fill them up.

  6. Eating at least five types of vegetables a day:

    You can imagine that healthy food habits are incomplete without the right serving of vegetables for the necessary vitamins. The Japanese have a system of eating at least five variants of it during the course of the day. They are included in almost every meal they consume and such a dietary regime helps them maintain their physique or to lose weight.

  7. They eat vegetables first:

    Food habits of the Japanese

    Those who tend to eat the vegetables at last often end up skipping on them. After a heavy meal it is hardly appealing to eat the vegetables. So as far as the Japanese healthy food habits are concerned they eat their vegetables at the very beginning. This makes the remaining food less difficult to have and also often acts as a reward for eating all the vegetables.

  8. They have replaced red meat with fish:

    Japan is surrounded by oceans and they thrive on fishing. To make matters even better they have replaced much of their red meat consumption with fish. As we know fish is a better source of protein and a lot healthier. A lot of health issues such as high pressure or heart problems are thus avoided with the Japanese food habits.

  9. Consumption of fermented food:
    cancer patient

    From sushi to sashimi and a lot of other Japanese foods we see a massive usage of fermented food items. This has a lot of health benefits and even is known to prevent cancer. The immune system of the Japanese also receives a big boost from such healthy food habits.

  10. Soy products:

    The goodness of cow milk products is nowadays doubted by large parts of the world. Also a large number of people are lactose intolerant. To solve this problem once and for all, the soy products are largely used in Japan. It gives them the same goodness and health benefits but without the side effects of cow’s milk.

  11. Consumption of tea:
    Consumption of tea

    One of the most popular beverages in Japan is tea and that too is green tea. The health benefits of green tea are plenty and while the rest of the world is hooked onto carbonated health drinks, Japan has set a trend of healthy beverages with tea topping their sales.

Final words

When it comes to healthy living, one of the easy solutions is to eat like a Japanese. Like you saw in this article, each of their food items and food habits instill in you traits of good health and they are not to be shunned. Even when it comes to the diet menu there is so much to learn from the Japanese diet. So we hope you would pick up on these good habits and enjoy a healthy living.


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