7 Ways to improve your child’s ecological I.Q.

Playing video games for long periods of time or watching television can be harmful for your kids. The children should be given a more environmentally conscious bent of mind by undertaking some natural activity. Activities like walking the children in the woods or undertaking recylcing projects are very beneficial for enhancing children knowledge and concious. It will make them more environmentally concious and they will turn out to be friendly towards the environment. Listed below are 7 ways to make kids more environment friendly:

1. Gardening

Gardening provides an excellent measure for enhancing the beauty of home while providing the children adequate natural teaching at home. You can also carry the process of gardening with the help of your children. This will provide them live learning experience and they will love the nature more. A vegetable garden cabin be an easy start. The children will get first hand knowledge of gardening processes like amending the soil, how plants produce food etc. Let the kids explore the garden fully by making them play in the dirt during planting, picking and tending. Small children can easily use the small plastic shovel, pull carrot from the ground, and plant the seeds in the soil.

In case there is not enough room in the home for having a full fledged vegetable garden, then you can a few pots in the balcony space.

2. Hiking

Conduct nature walks in the company of your children. Walking on foot will give your children a whole new perspective of watching their neighbourhood. On the way you can show them the interesting plants and animals which are found on the walking areas. Provide your child with bag and try to fill it with trash. Stress upon providing the child the importance on keeping home and neighbourhood clean.

3. Biking

Use bikes for riding to the stores. Cruiser bikes which have big baskets are good for the purpose. Encourage your children to do the same. Along with giving your children a good exercise, you can also save the fossil fuel of earth. Show your children how important it is to save fuel.

4. Eco-friendly crafts

You can also show the children the ways to make crafts. This can be done by transforming the cereal boxes into magazine organizers. This can be done by covering the cereal boxes in used wrapping paper. Paper grocery boxes can also be crafted at home. It is very important to advise children on reusing material rather than throwing them into dustbin.

5. Calculating carbon footprints

There are various eco-friendly activities which can be undertaken with the collaberation of the children. Some of these include recycling, using less water and composting. You can use the conservation fund’s carbon zero calculator and calculate your environment footprint. Explain the children what carbon footprint means and let the children type the numbers. Give knowledge to the children about the ways by which carbon footprints can be reduced. An example can be switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs which have 75 percent less energy consumption in comparison to the standard incandescent.

6. Recycling

You can set up your own recycling station within your house. The garage will be fine place to do this. You can designate glass, plastic soda cans, bins and paper. Explain your children how to sort thongs and also show them how landfills can be reduced by using the landfills. You can remove the plates and disposable paper cups form your home and use the items that can be washed. Carry reusable bags with you while going to the grocery shops and stop using plastic bags. Assign the responsibilty of preparing shopping bags to your children.

7. Energy conservation at home

Explain to your children the uses of energy conservation and also teach them the importance of saving resources. Children who are in their pre-schools are also able to understand the concept of turning of the light switches while leaving the living rooms and unplugging appliances that are not being used. Empower you kids to lead the energy saving process and turn your home into a green home.

You can also manufacture a model of solar system by using the straws and clay and tell children that earth is the only planet in the solar system which has life. The book nature’s art box by Laura C Martin can be handy in this regard in which she explains how to make clay pots, twig baskets, potato stamps and many other eco friendly projects.

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