All that women need to know about douching for maintaining hygiene

Cleanliness is next to godliness and for maintaining good health; women must keep themselves clean down-under. Both sexually active and inactive women need to clean their vagina regularly. Douching is one of the popular cleaning methods through which a woman can clean her vagina. The medical experts are divided in their opinion regarding douching. Some consider douching harmful for vaginal health and conception of a baby. Some other doctors ask their female patients to douche for avoiding infections. Such difference of opinions confuses women and they are unable to decide whether douching is good or bad for them.

In the US and many other regions, women use douching to get rid of malodor of the vagina. Vaginal malodor can be very embarrassing for women but douching is not a viable solution for it. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the vagina and the other organs attached with it are capable of cleansing themselves without external health. If still a woman feels bothered by malodor coming from the vagina then she needs to consult her physician or gynecologist.

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Is vaginal douching effective for preventing pregnancy?

One of the main reasons why vaginal douching is so widely used is the misconception that it can prevent pregnancy. Women use a mixture of water and vinegar or some mild fragrance for douching. The water has to be squirted inside the vaginal opening to clean the channel. Unfortunately, this is not a scientifically proven or viable method for preventing pregnancy.

Douching also cannot protect you from contracting vaginal infections or sexually transmitted diseases. The truth is that douching can increase the chances of conception after sexual intercourse and contraction of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. The forceful mixture of cleanser and water can push the semen towards the unfertilized egg and the same is true for the STD germs.


Is douching common practice among women?

Despite of the forebodings and warnings of the doctors, a huge number of women practice douching regularly. Around 20% to 40% American women use douching every month. Most of these women are aged between 15 and 40. Teenagers and African-American women are more used to douching. They use douching every week for cleaning the vagina.

The main reasons for douching are preventing pregnancy, getting rid of the blood and odor after periods, keeping the vagina clean and staying safe from STDs.

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What are the ill effects of douching?

According to the researchers of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and general physicians, douching can be dreadful for female health. Douching frequently can kill the flora that lives inside the vagina and ruins the natural pH balance of the vagina. Change in the acidic levels can increase the growth of bacteria.

This may cause yeast infection in the vagina. Doctors and scientists have found link between douching and pelvic inflammatory disease and douching. It can also cause Bacterial Vaginosis.

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Do not neglect mal odor and other irritating symptoms?

Vaginal odor can be an early sign of severe gynecological diseases. Women make the mistake of covering up malodor by douching but this can only lead to long term ill effects and health disorders. If a woman gets blood through the vaginal track not related to menstruation or thick, she should consult a gynecologist. Bad odor, pain and blood can indicate STIs and need proper treatment by expert medical practitioners.


Douching is not necessary for maintaining female hygiene. It has some severe negative effects, including the contraction of STIs.

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