With the growth in PPP in healthcare, the target of making state a global medical tourism destination can be achieved. – Jaynarayan Vyas


“Gujarat is known for maximum donations, be it blood, eye or organ donation.It also conducts the highest number of kidney transplants, piles operationsand knee-replacements in the country. Only if we can ably combine theexpertise and experience of private healthcare service providers and widenetwork of government hospitals, the state would be soon recognised as’capital of medical services in the country’. With the growth in PPP inhealthcare, the target of making state a global medical tourism destinationcan be achieved,” Vyas said.

The meet sought to address issues that can support long-term, sustainablepartnerships between the public and private healthcare facility providers.As partnerships in this sector is more associated with controversy androadblocks than with a constructive, collaborative approach in the state,the conference was held to focus on problem areas and the possible solutionsto facilitate PPPs growth as vibrantly as PPPs have achieved in sectors likeroadways and urban development than on health.

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