Unlock the secrets of a healthy long life with vigorous exercise

A study has revealed that vigorous exercising is more effective than moderate exercising when it comes to promoting a healthy and long life. Carried out by Australian researchers over a span of 6 years on over 200000 adults all spanning the age of 45 years the above, the study concluded that a healthy and long life can be attained with ease if one were to do exercises that make them sweat, breathe hard and go red in the face.

So how exactly does vigorous exercising help individuals live healthy and long? Here are some pointers that shed light on the same.

Vigorous exercises help individuals lose weight faster

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Vigorous exercising is considered as the one of the most effective ways to lose weight quickly. Although sticking to a low calorie diet and moderate exercises will take you there eventually, vigorous exercises will help you achieve weight loss in a much shorter time period. This can be considered as a boon for those who are demotivated by weekly, monthly or yearly long weight loss goals. The results achieved from vigorous exercising are also immediately visible on the body when compared to moderate exercising, thus encouraging individuals to stay focused on the weight loss goals.

So let’s say you have set yourself a weight loss goal of about 5 kilos over a period of two months. By doing moderate exercises, you may be able to lose the desired weight within the stipulated time period. You may also take more than two months to lose the weight if demotivated in between. However, if you opt for intense exercises like sprinting or jogging, you will be able to see a visible difference in your body within just a few days. This will, in turn, keep you motivated to exercise further so that you actually end up losing 5kgs before two months are over.

Vigorous exercises have more impact on the body


Let’s take the case of a moderate exercise like walking and a vigorous exercise like jogging. While walking, one of your foot remains on the ground. However, while jogging, both your feet are airborne at regular intervals. The impact felt by your body when you land is therefore, more pronounced in jogging than in walking. It is this impact that offers an added boost to your workout capacity and enhances your fitness levels.

Vigorous Exercises help improve blood circulation in the body

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One of the main benefits offered by vigorous exercises is to the body’s circulatory system. Research has indicated that short bursts of intense exercises like sprinting and jogging can have a profound impact on the circulatory system. In addition to improving blood circulation throughout the body, they can rehabilitate the entire system at times of need.

Vigorous Exercises nourish the lymph nodes and enhance the lymph circulation system

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A good capillary system is the backbone of a nourished body. Proper lymph circulation, in turn, will ensure proper muscular development, skin rejuvenation, thorough detoxification, higher energy and greater mental power.

Vigorous exercises reduce stress on your body

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It has been concluded via several studies that a few minutes of vigorous exercises a day can counteract the negative effects of stress, depression and other mind related disorders one body. It has also been revealed that moderate exercises that tend to be practiced for longer intervals place more stress on the body than vigorous exercises. Short bursts of intense exercises can thus, help stimulate your muscles and elevate your mood considerably.

Vigorous exercises help treat chronic conditions

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Vigorous exercises have also been linked to the treatment of several chronic conditions. Some of these include heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high blood sugar, and several other life threatening chronic ailments. Many studies have also linked vigorous exercises with the treatment of different types of cancer, with patients consulting their respective doctors for the best possible exercises to perform while on treatment.

When compared to moderate exercises, vigorous exercises have more benefits for the body. They help individuals lose weight quickly and help treat chronic medical conditions effectively. They also improve blood circulation throughout the body and help reduce stress.

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