Try to stay happy to always remain healthy

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A study says that if you are happy than you stay away from various diseases. So try to be happy as it is good for having sound health. If you are happy than you have healthy heart, minimizing risk of diabetes and certain other medical problems.

Studies claim that any kind of depression and stress is found to be linked with heart problems. Scientists discovered that a person who have a positive way of thinking, respond in different manner to any kind of stress.

The study says that the people who are really happy by mind and body have lower risk of having the problem of diabetes, heart diseases, & depression.

Andrew Steptoe, who is a professor of psychology at University College London, is the lead researcher of the study, mentioned that — those people who are happy depend on different parts of the brain, which reduces their heart rate, and thus they recover faster from any kind of stress.

According to researchers there are number of proofs which say that people who are quite happy have lower chances of having a number of medical problems.

This research was developed from the reports by male & female about their per day positive feelings from 1985. The scientists took the BP count of those people when they were doing some stressful work allotted to them.

Professor Steptoe said in a prepared statement:

We found happier people recover more rapidly from stress than less happy individuals. This may be one of the mechanisms through which happier people are less prone to stress-related illness.

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