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Guidebook on medical tourism: An initiative with several key indicators, a reference for travel & tourism industry experts

The mushrooming medical sector of health care tourism has witnessed tremendous growth over past few years yet it has to reach its total potential. A large amount of information available online or in print is not proved to be convincing. To help address this knowledge deficit, I, with expertise on medical tourism and chartered consultant, took this initiative to provide a comprehensive source of information for anyone considering medical travel.


The book is planned to work as reference guide for the industry experts. In a recent survey I conducted, 59 per cent of the industry experts were in agreement that accessing reliable information is the key challenge faced by this industry.


It includes key information on deciding 20 essential planning and preparation steps for the entire medical journey. It also highlights the top medical tourism destinations around the world and common medical procedures that patients travel for.


Over the course of my research for the past three years, I have travelled more than 25 countries to research medical tourism, have visited hundreds of medical tourism facilities, consulted governments and private healthcare organization extensively. Regardless on which part of the world you reside in, own country faces healthcare crises that are likely different to the neighbour’s healthcare concerns. Major challenges are – healthcare in many countries is unaffordable, unavailable and inaccessible, not up to international quality standards.


Contrarily, the realm of medical services has expanded its horizon by offering global healthcare at much reasonable rates, easy accessibility, and high quality care, hence patients from across the globe get benefited. The escalating growth and popularity of the medical tourism sector demonstrates the variety of advantages patients can achieve by engaging in medical travel.


This is not a new phenomenon, in fact the facts and figures provided in the guidebook will indicate; people for long opted for travel in search of improved healthcare treatments and facilities. The same applies to our modern world too, while the motivation behind seeking medical travel may have evolved the concept of travelling across the world to seek medical services, remains unchanged.


This book is divided into several sections to make it reader friendly and the content easy and understanding for my audience, the potential medical tourist. The book is further enhanced with graphics, charts, images and checklists.


The first portion of the book discusses on medical tourism terms and trends.  The next stage involves researching individual factors that will assist in the decision regarding the benefits of medical tourism to them personally. While medical tourism makes a strong case, its viability within each patient’s individual case can only be determined after assessing all the related factors.


The third section, by far is the most important part of the book. It’s all about the preparation and planning of the medical journey. Here, the guidebook documents all the arrangements you need to make prior to travelling, the preparations you should plan for once you are back home, and everything in between.


In the fourth segment, our destination guide makes for interesting and informative reading; this guide will assist you in selecting the ideal destination to avail medical services for your specific condition and requirements. The top medical destinations are presented with the necessary information any traveller would need prior in making their decision. Given that this is a medical tourism guidebook, the information for each country is further broken down by the tourism facts you would need to know, and the relevant healthcare information too.


The 50 destination guidebook is well researched document which provides comprehensive information in few pages about each destination. Conducted and researched by 159 experts’ opinion constituted the base of the book, several key indicators make it worthwhile for travel & tourism industry experts. 


The book is available online for free preview for limited time at 


Dr. Prem Jagyasi

Managing Director & CEO, ExHealth, Dubai HealthCare City

Chartered Management, Healthcare Marketing, Medical Tourism Consultant.  



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