Top 6 Foods to eat for a Bright, Sexy Smile

The high amounts of sugary foods and sodas we consume on a regular basis tend to make our teeth lose their brightness and sheen with time. While it may be hard to forgo these foods, there are certain foods we can eat to retain that sparkly white smile. Here are 6 such foods that you can eat to get back that bright, sexy smile.


Strawberries are potent aphrodisiac agents that contain high levels of folic acid. These help exfoliate the teeth nicely, removing stains until your teeth become sparkly white again. Eat at least a couple of strawberries every day to cleanse your teeth properly.


Buildup of plaque overtime can erode the protective enamel covering on the teeth. Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain which is a natural stain remover. This breaks up the plaque buildup in teeth effectively. Therefore, eating pineapples on a regular basis can keep your teeth sparkly white for many years to come.


Cheese contains very high levels of calcium that is considered essential for healthy teeth. Calcium helps create a protective layer over the teeth, thus protecting the latter from sugary foods and sodas. Adding a small amount of cheese to your daily diet can therefore, prove to be very beneficial for your teeth.


Fishes like salmon are loaded with phosphorous. Phosphorous is an enamel building agent that rebuilds the enamel around the teeth. This, in turn, will help your teeth remain white no matter what you eat. Fish also contains Vitamin D which helps the body absorb calcium better, thus aiding in maintain the health of your teeth as well.


That’s right! It has been found out that chocolate can in fact, do a better job at keeping your teeth white than the fluoride present in toothpastes. Chocolate also helps to strengthen tooth enamel, thus protecting your teeth from plaque, caries and cavities in the long run.

Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Here’s another reason for eating all those fruits and vegetables we have come to love so much Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, onions and broccoli, etc. act as natural scrubbing agents. These soft scrubs help to keep your teeth clean and white by exfoliating the tooth enamel. Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables can therefore, help you keep that sparkly white smile intact.


There are many foods that you can eat to protect your teeth from decaying and staining. These foods will keep your teeth sparkly white in addition to protecting them from decay, plaque, caries and cavities for many years.

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