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The Problem of Dark Circles

dark circle issues

The world is cruel in many ways and yes, the world is especially not nice to the facial skin. There are so many problems which people are bugged with all of their lives, as soon as they are old enough to understand how the whole thing works.

For one, wanting a clear and flawless skin is nothing short of miracle these days. Yes, not that all fault can be dumped on the environment of the present times, but they certainly play a very important role. To complete it, we are also not free of problems with the area around the eyes.

For one, we all know how tender the area is and yet we are often bugged with problems like bags under our eyes and of the dark circles under our eyes. However, there are some solutions to such vicious villains. Let us explore some, shall we?

Eye Patches

Well not the one like pirates wear, but more like the natural ones, which have some veggies present. Just grate some cucumber, place it on a moist cotton wool and then apply it over your eyes.

Applying the cucumber directly works, however for many it may become a bit soggy, so follow this method at least twice a day and of course you can get rid of it over time. If this is much of a hassle, opt for some chilled potatoes. However, wash the potato before use and your eyes after the treatment.

Hydrating yourself

Toxins have a very uncanny and cruel way of showing themselves in all over a person’s body. These toxins might result to dark circles or bags under your eyes. Stress is of course an old friend of toxins and your enemy, so keep both at bay by pushing plenty of liquids down your throat and of course flushing out toxins.

Almond Olive or Virgin Coconut Oil

Yep, this is probably the oldest and the best method to get some results. Make sure that you do it at least twice a day. Use your ring finger to massage the oil as this finger exerts the least pressure.

Dipped Tea Bags 

Since tea is known to be a very good anti-oxidant, make sure that you apply the used tea bags for a good two to three hours around the area of the eye. This will help you to reduce dark circles a lot.

Nevertheless, if your dark circles are hereditary, there really is not much that can be done. You can try to use some make up, but that is about it.

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