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The importance of living healthy when pregnant

living healthy when pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment in every woman’s life. It is wonderful to know that there is a new life growing inside of you that is completely dependent on you. You should stay calm and look forward to giving birth to a beautiful and healthy baby very soon. It is up to you, as a parent, to feed and fend for your child. Here are a few ways by which you can ensure that you are living healthy when pregnant.

Why Is It Important to Be Healthy While You Are Pregnant?

 living-healthy-when-pregnantLiving healthy when pregnant is crucial since pregnancy is of the most complicated but important times in a woman’s life. One cannot possibly stress enough on the importance of the woman’s health during pregnancy.

Apart from the obvious reason that a good diet improves the overall health of the individual, it also provides many other advantages. The following are the benefits of living healthy when pregnant.

Minimizes complications during pregnancy:

hypertension blood pressurePregnancy is full of ups and downs. Therefore, one needs to put in extra conscious efforts in order to have a healthy approach towards pregnancy.

Swollen feet, morning sickness, high blood pressure and sugar levels are serious issues. But they can be all monitored and kept in control if a good diet is taken by the expecting mother.

Gestational diabetes is a serious condition and can only be tackled if your diet is full of nutrients sufficient to address it. The diet has a direct effect on the mothers health and on the baby.

It is necessary to have a diet full of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats in order to make your pregnancy a cakewalk.

Reduces the possibility of birth defects in the child:


Cases of birth defects are mostly due to lack of certain essential vitamins or nutrients. Lack of folic acid and iron can lead to various complications in the physical and mental development of the child.

Save the genetic issues, the possibility of almost all of these conditions can be minimized. Alter your diet to suit your body and baby’s needs and you will be good.

A mother must ensure that all the requirements are being met during pregnancy. The lack of certain nutrients can also be met by respective nutritional supplements.

Improves the health of the Baby:

what the mother eatsIt is most crucial that the baby has a good body weight upon taking birth. A weak baby is vulnerable to illness and infections. The physical health of the baby is largely influenced by what the mother eats when the child is inside the womb. Which is why, it is important to have a healthy approach towards pregnancy.

As the first means of providing nutrition, a mother must take care of her diet. There is a new living being that is thriving off the nutrition of her body. It is important for the mother to eat healthy since it will directly influence the health of the baby.

You can shed those extra kilos quicker:


If you set a habit of eating right during pregnancy from the time you are expecting; you are most likely to keep it even in the later years. This will help you shed weight faster and in a healthier way. It is important to be healthy than to be overweight. As soon as you give birth, you can lose the extra weight by keeping up with your good and regular diet.

Improves the overall health of the mother’s body:

nourishment from your body continues to get passed onto the baby Pregnancy is a process that literally takes up nutrition form the mother’s body and transforms a new being out of it. The output cannot be good enough if there is no quality input. This is the sole reason why it is more than important to be living healthy when pregnant.

Similarly, an expectant mother must take in the nutritional requirements to meet the demand of both bodies i.e her and the baby’s. Obesity, diabetes, and other similar diseases are all lined up waiting to be attracted if your diet is not in place.

Remember that nourishment from your body continues to get passed onto the baby even after birth via breast milk. Hence, it is important to be living healthy when pregnant and keep a tab on your own diet as a mother.

What to eat and What not to eat

Give up smoking and drinking

  • Your diet must comprise of plenty of complex carbs, lean muscle proteins, and healthy fats. Invest in nutritional supplements provided they are of organic and natural origin.
  • Stay away from junk food and anything that is synthetic.
  • Do not gobble up food but eat regularly and as and when your body starts to crave those dishes.
  • Don’t hold back from your cravings provided they are not harmful. This is one of the most important precautions to be taken while pregnant.
  • Continue to keep up a good diet. This is because, you will soon be breastfeeding your kid, and all nutrition will eventually pass on it too.
  • Give up smoking and drinking, and start eating right during pregnancy, if you are concerned about your kid’s health. Also, don’t overdo your use of drugs or antidepressants while you are still carrying your baby.

Exercising During Pregnancy:

Exercising During PregnancyTrue that it can be difficult to move around when there is a baby growing inside of you. But spending the entire day bundled up on bed is not favoured either. It is required for an expectant mother to be able to move around and do a few simple exercises.

This is to ensure the regular blood flow and heart rate of the body is kept constant. It is is one of the most crucial aspects of living healthy when pregnant. It is good to spend at least 20 minutes in a go for a total of 1 hour of everyday exercising. There cannot be a better way to be living healthy when pregnant.

  • Exercises like walking, hiking, swimming, running, dancing, and sports increase heart rate and must be done most days.
  • Exercises that are known to make muscles strong like lifting weights can be carried out 2 to 4 times every week. This can be done by lifting your own body weight too.
  • Yoga and stretching exercises are recommended to be performed every day to ensure that the any expectant woman is living healthy when pregnant.


The above general methods and precautions to be taken while pregnant are quite useful to an expecting mother. Consult your professional dietician to guide you with what you’re eating and exercising habits should be, as per your physical condition.

Don’t consume anything that will put your health at risk. Check for any allergies or side effects before consuming medicines or supplements. A good diet coupled with the right amount of healthy and regular physical exercise is a must. It will go a long way in ensuring that you give birth to a perfectly healthy and fine baby.

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