Studies And Experts Reveal Why The Afternoons Are The Best Time To Workout

The growing concerns of our health and wellbeing have already started to reach the peak. When you look at the lifestyle that we all lead today – stress, lack of nutrition, long working hours, health related issues, and even lack of physical exercises – it raises concern. In fact, at a very early age, our taste buds have already got used to junk food, high calorie sodas, deep-fried stuff and food that does not do our bodies any good. There even comes a point where our body may just give way and that is when it strikes us.  In this article, you will get a good idea about when it is the best time to workout.

It is never too late to make a change in our life


Adopting a healthy way of living can be a little difficult in the beginning, but overtime things work out to our benefit. We cannot replace certain things like the spending too much time sitting while we are working. Instead, what we can do is make a mild change to our approach and start exercising or working out.

There are various forms of workouts that we can do. While for some people, it is adopting a new dance inspired exercise regime; for a few, it is hitting the gym and lifting weights. For newbies in weight lifting regimes, the most important thing that you should know is –

When is the best time to workout especially if it is weight training?

For some people, the morning time is ideal for them to lift weights while for some it could be the evening time. When it comes to weight training, you have to make sure that you do not rush through your regime. Well, as per scientific research and studies, surprisingly, the afternoons are the best time for weight lifting.

Understanding the concept of circadian rhythms


In order to understand why afternoons are the best time to lift weight, the first thing that you need to know about when is the best time to workout is circadian rhythms. These rhythms are responsible for controlling various things within our body since they act like a body clock internally. From our mood to our blood pressure and even keeping our sleeping patterns under control; the circadian rhythms contribute a lot while lifting weights.

What the experts have to say about when is the best time to workout?

In one of the recent posts on, there was some valuable input given by Dr. Phyllis Dee, a specialist in neurology. As per Dr. Dee, the reason why the afternoons are the best time to work out is because that is the time when the muscle strength is the highest. Furthermore, Dr. Dee goes on to explain that during this time, most of the people are a lot more productive and awake.

Considering how important it is to be careful while lifting weight, the afternoon time is ideal since that is when people are more alert and awake. This will also help to reduce the chances of sustaining any kind of injury due to weight training.

The body temperature plays a vital role when is the best time to workout


Another reason why a person should be aware of his or her circadian rhythms is because it helps to keep the body temperature under control. During the afternoon time, the temperature is at an all time high.  This is when it is also ideal to consider weight lifting regimes.

If you look at your body temperature during the early morning, it is the lowest. Towards the evening, there is a lot of fluctuation. Even the temperature of the body goes through a curve. The highest or peak time of the curve is perfect time to push those muscles without creating too much of damage.

There could be differences between individuals

Everybody is different and without a doubt, understanding when is the best time to workout may also vary. In order to really understand when the afternoon is for an individual’s body, the first thing that is important is to understand the sleeping habits. Based on when the person wakes up and how they perform throughout the day, you can easily get to understand the peak time of your body.

A trick to help you decide when is the best time to workout


Not everybody is a fitness expert; however, there are certain things you can do to decide for yourself. In order to understand the peak time of your body, you need to pay close attention to some details. The first thing that you should do is observe your body temperature readings for at least a week.

For this, maintain a diary with a schedule that has a gap of two hours between each reading. Keep a check on your temperature at the timings mentioned in the diary. This way it will help you to understand when is the best time to work out and how you can schedule your exercises.

Remember that there can be differences due the your gender

Considering the fact that women are prone to drastic hormonal changes, there is a fluctuation even in their circadian rhythm. This is why, the peak time for when is the best time to workout is very different from that of a man.  Even the results of the workout regime differ between a man and a woman.

To conclude


While deciding on when is the best time to workout, you are the best judge for yourself. Fitness experts and guides do provide valuable input and give you a direction to understand a few things. Nevertheless, making the right choice for yourself is purely in your hands.

At the end of the day, when you opt for weight lifting regimes, you have to ensure that you get the best results. Avoid pushing yourself to lift weights if you are not up to the mark. Even a small thing like a bad mood or rough day can make you end up making the wrong choices.

Exercising is all about loving your body and nourishing it properly. The more you pay attention to your body, the better you are in a position to do the right thing for yourself.

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