Spa treatment for the month of December: Peppermint pedicure

Though much care is taken to have a glowing and spotless face and hands, a little importance is given to the feet. Your feet need equal attention especially in winter or else cracks, heel ache, chipped toenails and drying of the skin are sure to happen. A pedicure prevents these from taking place, also gives you a smooth and soft feeling. While there are a number of pedicure types like the chocolate pedicure, champagne or wine pedicure or the margarita pedicure, the one which you should opt for in this cold and chilly winter is the peppermint pedicure.

Peppermint pedicure Spa treatment

Peppermint pedicure is a treatment which includes oils like the Jojoba oil, fruit extracts, hydrating agents and other moisturizing agents which will pamper your feet and moisten them leaving them smooth. This is perfect for healing the cracks and dryness in your feet and ankles caused by the cold of the month of December. It provides moisture to your feet, circulating the blood flow and relaxes your muscles. And what is left behind after the pedicure is a pair of happy feet giving you a smooth soft feeling.

This pedicure treatment heals damages and gives instant relief. While there are parlors where you will get the best peppermint pedicure, you can also do this at home if you are too tired to go out after a hard day at work or if you want to save the money.

Relax with the peppermint foot treatment: Mostly eucalyptus peppermint extracts are one of the major ingredients in a peppermint pedicure kit’s products. Callus and warm paraffin is also used along with the scrub and mask for the purpose of exfoliating your feet muscles and skin thereby giving you relief and comfort. The kit consists of peppermint tea, mint leaves, peppermint candles, foot spray, foot soak, a mask and a scrub, foot lotion and gel and organic peppermint oils.

The process starts with lighting of the candles for the aroma to spread and get in you to change your mood and to prepare you for the pedicure treatment. Tea is served next to this with peppermint flavor. Then water is placed in a vessel and the peppermint oil is mixed with the water to form a mixture. Before your feet are immersed in this mixture your eyes are closed with aromatic eye cloth which is warm and wet. This is not the same with every parlor but this definitely relaxes you completely and sets you in the right mood for the pedicure treatment. To the water and peppermint oil mixture mint leaves and foot soak are added. A tea bag with peppermint extract is also added and your feet are then soaked. After a while your feet are soaked a foot spray enriched with peppermint and its aroma is sprayed on your feet.

The person attending you will then cut or trim you nails and shape them and give a short massage after it is done. After this the foot mask is smeared on your feet entirely followed by application of peppermint foot gel. Your feet is then scrubbed with a peppermint pumice gently yet making sure no dry or dead portions of skin is left making your feet smooth and clean. After this enjoy the warmth of hot towels wrapped around your feet with peppermint oil mist. After this for moisturizing your feet a foot lotion is applied. In case your skin is dry or tends to get rough, it is treated with an intensive organic peppermint flavored foot rescue. Finally after waxing your feet with peppermint oil, your toenails are polished.

Spend the money, Honey!: Nothing can be compared to the pampering of your feet, the indulgence of peppermint aroma in the one of the best parlors which adds more to what the original treatment gives. Like St. Regis in San Francisco adds more than peppermint oil. This parlor includes a combination of other organic oils known for toning and relaxing the muscles. Another known for its massages and manicure and pedicure treatments is the Santa’s little helpers in the Atlantis. Both these have some of the famous celebs in their client list.

DIY peppermint pedicure: To save the money, if that is what you want to, you can have your pedicure at home. To start with you can have a pedicure kit which gives you all what you want comfort and smooth looking feet. The process is same as in parlor which is mentioned above. And the process will also be mentioned in the kit you buy.

The basic thing is to mix peppermint oil with water and apply soak to it and then immerse you feet. After this apply mask and scrub your feet. Finally trim your nails and wash it and apply polish.

Peppermint pedicure products: You will need to buy a peppermint foot soak, peppermint foot butter, peppermint spray and oil, peppermint tea bag and finally the mask and the scrub. These products are easy to get anywhere.

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