Sleeping pill Stilnox is affecting memory adversely

stilnox 64Sleeping pill, Stilnox has come under scrutiny after reports unveiling its adverse effect on memory. By now, Australia’s Adverse Medical Events Line has received more than 400 calls from users of Stilnox, reporting behavior such as cooking, smoking, stabbing themselves and even driving in their sleep. More surprising is the fact that users of Stilnox reported having no memory of their activities after taking it.

Expressing deep surprise over the side effects of this sleeping pill a pharmacist with the medical hotline, Geraldine Moses, avers:

I’ve never seen anything like this in 20 years of being a pharmacist.

This is quite a serious issue which should be paid heed to. However, this is not for the first time that any sleeping pill has come up with its adverse effect on memory. Moreover, several other side effects have also been linked to sleeping pills. For instance:-

Sleeping pills and bizarre side effects

FDA: Strange Side Effects with Popular Sleep Aids

Image credit: Sky news

Via: ABC

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