Skin toning tips to make the best of spring

Baby skin is so soft and smooth but as one ages, the skin starts turning not so soft and smooth. Pollution, sun damage, acne breakouts, and wrong lifestyle are some of the causes that lead to the discoloration of skin and uneven skin tone. It is not possible to get back the absolute baby like skin once you grow up but you can certainly achieve a younger looking skin, slow the signs of aging, and improve your skin tone by bringing in some favorable changes in your lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle changes that cure uneven skin tone

You would be stunned to see how these simple yet extremely effective changes in your lifestyle can help you get rid of the uneven skin tone trouble:

Drink lots of water

Uneven skin tone is usually a problem faced by people who have dry and aged looking skin. If such people start consuming adequate amount of water every day, i.e. minimum of 8 ounces a day, it will hydrate their skin keeping wrinkles at bay, cleanse skin means no more acne breakouts, and makes skin soft like that of a baby. Some people think that all the fluids do well to their body, which is just a myth, as only water and other non-sugary drinks do well, and soda and fluids with high amounts of sugar do bad both to your skin and body.


People think exercise only is imperative to keep their body healthy but nobody realizes that exercise is of paramount importance for their skin as well. Exercise that you do on a regular basis helps keep your mind and body strong, and aids the production of new skin cells. The proper production of skin cells helps keep your skin clean, skin discoloration vanishes away and certain elasticity comes into your skin, thus, making the aging signs appear slowly.

Make exfoliation a routine

Dead skin cells cover up the new skin cells and thwart their production, thus, leaving your skin discolored and dull. Exfoliating your skin is one of the best solutions to prevent dead skin cells coming in the way of the production of new skin cells. You must exfoliate your skin twice a day but not if you have sensitive skin. It is always better if you make a natural exfoliator at home rather than using a chemical one on your delicate skin.

Bring some kitchen ingredients into use

Uneven pH balance of your skin is one major reason that leads to an uneven skin tone. You can bring a number of things lying in your kitchen into use to cure your skin problem. For example, apply lemon to balance the pH factor, use oatmeal to exfoliate your skin, honey to moisturize skin and prevent acne, and milk because it is a natural skin whitener and softener.

Watch your diet

Your diet plays an integral role to maintain the health of your skin. You must consume a healthy nutritious diet in order to keep skin problems at bay. You must avoid junk foods, or limit their consumption. Eat fresh and no intake of aerated and high on sugar drinks, as they can trigger skin problems. Try to include berries, fish, fruits and vegetables, as they are rich sources of antioxidants, which even your skin tone and avoid other skin problems.

Skin discoloration or uneven skin tone is one skin problem that frustrates multitudes of people. Well, not to worry, as simple changes in your lifestyle can efficiently cure uneven skin tone without any need of using harmful chemicals on your skin.

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