Seven types of tea you should try for sure

When your mother told you that tea packed a number of health benefits, you shrugged it off, thinking that maybe it was her excuse for drinking more tea. But what she said isn’t really a false statement. In fact, recent studies suggest that people have been drinking tea for ages not just for its depth of flavor, but for its incredible health benefits. Well, the truth is that almost all popular varieties of tea not only offer a kick of taste in your mouth, but also works wonders for your body’s immune, digestive and urinary functions. It keeps you fit overall. Let’s check out some different varieties of tea and their incredible health benefits.

Tea Bud , Two leaf and tea a bud

Green Tea

Green Tea had its humble beginnings in China centuries ago. And today, this tea enjoys mass cultural fame, because of the presence of antioxidant EGCG, linked to lower cholesterol levels and thereby lower chances of developing diabetes, heart diseases, cancerous cells and tumors. But perhaps, it is best known for its ability to increase metabolism that burns fat!

Chamomile Tea

Feeling anxious? Too Tired? Stressed out? Well, have a cup of Chamomile tea and you will be ready to take over the world once again. At the same time, a cup an hour before sleeping can soothe your nerves and allow you to sleep better. In case of menstrual cramps, this tea works wonders.


Black Tea

The truth is that Black tea has more antioxidants than regular fruits. Therefore, with a cup of Black you can reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In fact, it improves your skin texture, boosts your metabolism and helps you fight the stress. But avoiding adding too much sugar to it.

Nettle Tea

With thousands of people dealing with allergies, Nettle Tea has come as a savior. This tea, made from stinging weeds of Nettle helps in relieving allergies and scratchy throat. The tea can even ward of your allergies entirely. This is because of the presence of antihistamine.


Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea holds several health benefits apart from removing bad breath. This tea is your ideal drink for reducing stress levels and calming and relaxing yourself. Just drink it on your first date and it would be more relaxing and fun than you ever imagined.

Oolong Tea

A weight loss aid, Oolong tea is perhaps best known for reducing weight, fighting diabetes and improving dental hygiene. This recently popular health drink has several antioxidants, particularly catechin, which boosts metabolism and leads to burning up of stored body fats.

Ginger Tea

This tea is a knight in shining armor for those who suffer from gastrointestinal problems. It aids digestion, reduces pain, improves blood flow and calms your body. And if you need a cure for your hangover, just drink it sip by sop and your headaches will silence themselves!

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