Says no to plastics and protect your sex organs!!


In a country where cows on the roads unknowingly eat plastics in dustbins and die a slow and painful death, it is not surprising that Plastics are bad for your health as well.

Plastic’s main ingredient is PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), which can cause reproductive problems, irregular metabolism, and also defect sex organs.

Plastic chemicals enter your bodies through plastic toys, plastic bottles, plastic shopping bags, plastic cutlery, and cause health defects, and it will go on until we all become plastic free.

Bisphenol A and PVC plastics are harmful, and contain phthalates, which affect our sex hormones, cause obesity, chromosomal abnormalities, and can even cause cancer. Bisphenol A, from polycarbonates plastics, used in water bottles, kitchen appliances, food packaging, food cans, baby bottles, enters the food chain, and affect your health.

Medical equipment and cosmetics also contain phthalates, which cause genital problems, early puberty, infertility, and lower sperm count. Phthalates also lowers enzymatic activity, essential for the production of testosterone hormones.

Pickle jars, ketchup bottles contain harmful chemical, polyethylene terephthalate. Detergent bottles have high density polyethylene.

Plastic baby bottles are unsafe and can cause mental retardation, abortion, and birth problems in babies.

Not surprisingly, the USA is a leader in plastic production and consumption. Plastic bottles, tires, and many other harmful plastic objects are polluting the Pacific Ocean’s water, and very low percentages of plastics are recycled.

What you should do
Use paper bags, cloth bags, instead of plastic ones. Avoid using plastic containers for keeping hot foods, and pregnant women should never use plastic food containers, and avoid processed food in plastic cans, as harmful chemical bisphenol A, and phthalates from plastics, enters the womb and cause birth defects.

Now, it’s high time to wake up and say a big ‘no’ plastics.

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