The right snack for a flat tummy

Snacks do not always mean intake of high calories like sweets, chocolate biscuits, and fast food. Craving for all these do attract an individual to the nearest burger joint or a chocolate café. However, some snacks can help you gain a flat tummy. Does it sound surprising? Well the perfect exercising regime and the right snack can help you gain the best tummy many would be envious of.

Some of these snacks are mentioned below:

Crudités and dippers

This dish basically comprises of Ryvita crackers along with Laughing cow light cheese clubbed with raw carrots, pepper and cucumber. These vegetables can be enjoyed by dipping them in salsa dip. The salsa can be made spicier using antioxidant capsaicin in chili. This helps improve your metabolism thus reducing good amounts of calories.

Cottage cheese and peanuts

This is a simple mix of cottage cheese (fat free/low fat) with unsalted peanuts. Cottage cheese is a dairy product. An adequate intake of this contains calcium which absorbs calories. Thus not allowing them to store in the body and turn into fat.

Banana and peanut butter
Banana is high in fiber that can help improvise the immune system. Peanut butter added to this fruit can provide protein fillings and healthy fats. Moreover, a early morning breakfast intake of banana and peanut butter can help you crave less for calories throughout the day.

Sweet potato, yoghurt and walnuts
Bake sweet potato and add plain fat free/low fat yoghurt to it. Sprinkle chopped walnuts as garnish. Intake of this daily can reduce body fats. Sweet potato help in lowering the body fats present. Hence, not only they satisfy the hunger but also reduce the fats present in the body, thus being diet free and healthy.

Yoghurt and quinoa

It has a simple process of preparation that includes mixing fat free/low fat yoghurt along with cooked quinoa and black currants. This is a stomach-filling snack that is rich in proteins and can keep you satisfied until dinner. Yoghurt is considered to be as good a protein supplier as an egg, while quinoa comprises of plenty of amino acid lysine which repairs tissues. This not only helps people who are into heaving exercising but also helps you maintain a flat tummy.


The above food if clubbed with the perfect exercise can help you maintain a sleek and flat tummy.

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