How to Get Rid of Cold Sore

We all have had cold sores near our mouth at some point in our lives. Cold sores are caused by type one herpes simplex virus. The disease spreads through intimate physical contact or sharing of razors or utensils. Cold sores can cause you intense emotional stress, pain and fatigue. Many people feel uncomfortable when they have cold sore as they don’t feel good to go out with their friends and partners. Although, cold sores are not dangerous but it can easily spread to others if you do not put a check on it. Cold sore takes more than a week to cure itself but you can accelerate the process if you take good care of it. Here are a few tips to get rid of cold sore. Read on.

Complexity Level: Basic

Time Required: 2-3 days

Resources Required:

1. Hydrogen peroxide

2. Fruits

3. Ice pack

4. Neosporin

5. Tooth Paste


1. Avoid stress: Do not stress yourself. You can try relaxation exercises like meditation. Make sure that you get good sleep. Stress always makes the problem worse.

2. Do not tamper with cold sore: A cold sore leaves an itching feeling on your face and most people are tempted to pick or pinch it. When you feel so, resist the temptation at all costs. If you touch it the infection will spread. When you feel like touching it, divert your attention by engaging in other enjoyable activities. Keep the area where you have the sore clean and do not leave it dry by washing it too much. You can maintain dryness of the skin by using hydrogen peroxide. Keep your patience when you feel itching or pain.

3. Strengthen the immunity of your body: Take enough vitamins, minerals and calcium. The body can’t resist a virus attack when the immune system of the body is too low. If your immune system is weak you might even develop long lasting complication or even death. So, avoid anything which weakens the immune system of the body. Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 are good to prevent the outbreak of a cold sore. Vitamin C activates the blood cells in your body and fights cold sores. Acidic foods like oranges and soft drinks should be avoided at all cost. Try to have fruits like strawberries.

4. Apply Ice: Place an ice cube where you have cold sore. It is one of the best ways to protect yourself from further spread of the infection. It brings down the metabolism of the body. Ice should be applied for around half an hour. You might get into trouble if you use it for a time more than it is required. Ice prevents the virus from multiplying. It is also said that it completely prevents the appearance of blisters on your face. Do not touch the sore with ice directly. Use an ice pack instead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I ease the pain of a cold sore?

You can ease the pain by applying neosporin on the place where you have cold sore. There are many creams and pain killers which you can get from medical stores.

2. How can I avoid cold sore from spreading to others?

Steer clear from intimate physical contact with your partner like kissing. Do not share the same kitchen utensils. Keep your body clean by washing your body with a good toilet soap.

Quick Tips:

1. Garlic clove is good at healing cold sore.

2. Apply tooth paste on your sore gently to let it heal.

3. Use medicines for fever if you have a fever which comes with cold sore.

Things To Watch Out For:

1. Visit a doctor if you have severe problems after the outbreak.

2. Do not expose yourself too much to sun as sun exposure will abet the spread of the virus. Use a sun block to prevent this.

3. Do not use arginine as it will let the virus replicate.

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