Reasons that show why liquid diets are hindrances rather than help

Detoxifying the body with liquid and juice diets is a myth, according to Liz Applegate the Director of sports nutrition, University of California. The body is equipped with organs like the liver, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract to do the cleansing process naturally.

The low downs of juice diets—Stomach aches and weakness!

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People try to ape the diet trends of the celebrities and follow a juice only diet. There are new discoveries being made every day and some people without updating themselves just follow a diet plan. A diet on mere juices and liquids can have several side effects. Some of the common side effects include stomachaches, fatigue, starvation and issues with the thinking process.

A juice only diet is not at all good for the diabetics, as it can make their sugar levels uneven and cause health problems. There is no scientific deduction that juice diets improve health, rather the experiences of certain individuals have been on the contrary.

Are you getting ample calories with a liquid diet?

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It is true that a glass of orange juice has more calories than an orange. Nevertheless, a juice only diet provides insufficient calories for the body. After a few days on a juice only diet the metabolism of the body slows down and sends the body in a starvation mode. The body does not receive all the essential nutrients and vitamins required by the body.

Do they have adequate fiber and proteins?

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Fruit and vegetable juices have very little or no protein at all. A juice only diet will leave the body without a supply of proteins or a very negligible supply. Proteins are required by the body to generate enzymes and help in the secretion of hormones. Proteins also form the building elements of skin, blood, muscles and other important body components.

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The body does not receive fiber when on a juice only diet. Fiber is important for the bowel movement. On a juice only diet as mentioned earlier the body feels starved and unsatisfied. Fiber is required by the body for the prevention of diabetes, heart ailments, and a few types of cancers.

Juices help in hydrating the body and are very beneficial for the athletes. The body will miss on the other essential nutrients required by it by adopting a juice only diet. Eating fruits and vegetables is rather beneficial than juice only diets.

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