Reading the face to decode genetic disorders!

facial scans revealing genetic disorders

Are you among those who tend to read a person form his face? This habit of humans date back to the Victorian age, when the science of phrenology was taken seriously.

But, with times and technological development it was overshadowed and discredited in the 20th century. But, history really seams to repeat itself, with the medical science turning onto this branch of science with a serious genuflection.

No, it is not the bumps on the head that the medical fraternity has started reading to just predict personalities, but also diagnose genetic disorders! Doctors have designed a computer system to allow doctors to do the job effectively by looking at a face.

With the computer fed by a patient’s picture, who is suffering from an unknown condition, it amazingly filters through its database in search for similar images, presenting a doctor with several possible conditions.

The program could thus not only speed up diagnosis, but also save both parents and children from surmounting expenses and the trauma of test after test, with around 700 genetic disorders effecting humans.

Interestingly, the new technique can help analyze the shape of eyes, nose, mouth and ears to discover the genetic condition a child might be suffering from.

Ah! The new method eventually seems to provide a quicker and simpler diagnosis method for hundreds of genetic disorders.


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