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Psychology facts about people will help you know yourself better

Psychology facts about people

You are unique and science has proved it. Every person is absolutely different from the other and has unique choices, thoughts and actions. You too are one of a kind, and try as you might, it’s hard to change yourself. You may have to tried to change some habits or traits in keeping with social norms, or because you want to be become like your idol. We are not saying you should not try to make a change for the better – we all should, but you must have experienced a struggle to transform yourself. Why is it so? Psychology facts about people reveal that we are all ‘wired’ in a certain way, which is why we are what we are.

Here are some interesting psychological facts about you and other people you never knew:

Why you need to be connected to/belong to a group

have the urge to belong to or be part of a groupAll of us have the urge to belong to or be part of a group. This need, it seems is embedded in our mind’s wiring. It influences the way we behave, and the need to be accepted by the group makes us stay quiet even if we don’t agree with our group. Since we don’t want to seem different from the others, we do not express your ideas. According to psychology facts about people, this happens to all of us.

We want to be unique/distinct

i want to be unique

Our wish to be distinct is also quite natural, and is in contradiction with the need to be part of a tribe/group. Everyone has the need to be irreplaceable and useful, so that the group does not abandon us. This reason is why many teenagers rebel too. Knowing this psychological fact about life will help you discern when you should speak out and when it’s better to be quiet.

People suffer from ‘inattention blindness’

Psychology facts about personality and human behavior state that ‘inattention blindness’ is when we fail to notice significant/major changes in our visual field. Due to this phenomenon, we are not conscious of things which are in front of us. It seems we even miss our ‘soulmates’ because we don’t even notice them. So we have to make a conscious effort to pay attention to the opportunities and signs which the Universe sends.

Why we have only one perspective

learning which leads to growth in lifeThe psychology facts about people say that our brains our focused on seeing things only from our own perspective. Knowing this, you have to remember not to form stringent opinions about people or situations. Keeping an open mind leads to learning which leads to growth in life.

Writing does help to calm your brain

Writing does help to calm your brainThe next time you feel awful about something, write it down – it will help you move past the negative incident or fears and you will feel better.

Our pupils expand when we look at someone we are attracted to

Our pupils expandNext time if you want to know if your crush is attracted to you too, check his/her pupils. If they are interested in you, their pupils will expand by as much as 45%! 

Fear of strangers is ingrained in us

The brain does this unconsciouslyXenophobia is the word for the ‘fear of strangers’, and according to psychology facts about personality and human behavior, everyone has it. It developed in humans during evolution as a measure to protect ourselves from the unknown. We tend to stay away from people to look different from us, or who think differently from us.

The brain does this unconsciously, and the good news is that we can overcome this! We can and should accept people and become more tolerant. If everyone in the world is able to do this, then we will less incidences of intolerant behavior. However, if your gut instinct tells you to stay away from someone, you should do that too, in a neutral manner!

The subconscious has a big hand in our decisions

subconscious has a big hand in our decisionsYou may have noticed how even through you make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of something, you may think you have made an ‘informed’ decision. But actually, you might be heavily influenced by unconscious factors, such as the need for validation from society and family members, your self-image etc.

It does not mean that these decisions are bad, sometimes they might even be good, when you go against your rational mind and take a decision. When you know psychological facts about yourself like this, according to experts you can train your unconscious mind to make positive decisions.

People read longer lines faster but prefer to read shorter

woman-reading-bookStudies show that in order to read faster, 100 characters line length is the best length. But actually, psychology facts about people show that people actually like to read shorter length lines, about 45-72 characters every line. 

You can’t really multi-task

Many people try to multi-task in order to accomplish a lot at once. Multi-tasking might seem productive, but psychology facts about people indicate that we can only attend to a single task at one time.

You can remember only three to four things at one time

thinking-womanIt’s most interesting to know that we can remember only three-four things at once. So it might be a waste of time to try to remember more things – better make a list if you have to do more than 4 tasks in a day.

Psychological facts about yourself like this will help you to devote your energy more effectively. For example, while writing a gratitude journal, write only 3-4 things, which you will definitely remember during the day and when you sleep. Also, psychology facts about people say that you can hold the few things in the mind without repeating or focusing on them for approximately 20 seconds.

You recreate your memories

You recreate your memoriesNeuroscientists have discovered that memories do not remain the same. Every time you ‘replay’ an incident in your past, it can change. So you can change negative memories gradually, which can help you in the present. Psychological facts about life empower you to change your negative memories. This can help you get over certain events which hold you back from achieving the success you want. 

Cursing people DOES relieve emotional pain

 emotional painThe next time you swear at the person who’s making your life miserable, you don’t have to feel guilty – you’re human after all!

To conclude, travel reduces chances of heart disease and depression, looking at blue reduces stress and four minutes is all you need to know, whether you’re in love! Armed with all of these psychology facts about people, you can understand yourself better than before.

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