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Preventive Healthcare – Ignorance is not bliss always!!

Preventive Healthcare – Ignorance is not bliss always!!

‘Prevention is better than cure’ – this age-old adage has been taught to us right from our school days. Unfortunately, people implement this principle to all materialistic things like cars, machines, etc, but totally ignore it when it comes to their health and wellness. Most of our healthcare systems look at treating a disease, when one is affected with it, rather than taking preventive measures. We visit doctors only when something goes drastically wrong.

We forget to understand that just like everything requires regular maintenance to be in good shape, our body too requires regular attention, balanced diet, exercise and preventive health checkups, which might detect unforeseen diseases preventing their occurrence, and thus save life.

Civic bodies and public health organizations launch regular campaigns against specific diseases with zest, but neglect the more effective alternative of preventive healthcare programs. Preventive health programs include interventions in areas such as sanitation, drainage, potable water, health awareness camps etc, which minimizes public exposure to diseases and creates awareness on preventive healthcare. Such programs are being woefully neglected, especially in developing countries.

Today, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and other stress-related chronic diseases are on rise. With urbanization & changing lifestyles, there is a need to have paradigm shift from curative to preventive healthcare.

It is time people understand the gravity of the situation and take the necessary steps to save their lives. Some of the preventive measures for healthy life are mentioned below:


  • Childhood immunizations for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, hepatitis B, etc
  • Avoidingharmful addictions like tobacco, alcohol etc
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Regular work-out
  • Routine health check-ups
  • Hypertension screening via routine blood-pressure tests and medication if necessary
  • Cancer screening after at the age of 30 and above
  • Maintaining hygienic lifestyle & healthy home environvent
  • Obesity screening for adults and high-intensity diet & exercise counseling for the obese
  • Depression screening for adults
  • Promotion of child-safety measures
  • First-aid camps
  • Dental hygiene

Preventive Healthcare


Above mentioned are only the few measures recommended. However there are several such preventive measures, which if adopted can prevent many fatal medical risks.

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