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Practical tips to prepare for a 10K marathon


10K marathon can seem like a far-off goal, especially if you have never been an avid runner. But, with proper planning and strategy, this goal isn’t quite difficult to meet. The key is to follow certain steps to build up your progress until you’ve made it to your destination. True that preparing for a 10K marathon and running it is no small feat, even for regular runners, it all boils down to how determined you are to stay focused.

So, if you are strongly keen on knowing how to prepare for a 10K run and on following a perfectly designed, well-examined, tried and tested method and practical tips for running, we are here to guide you.

Warm up is the key:

squatsAnd cooling down too. Picture this: You are mentally ready to hustle hard in preparing for a 10K marathon and to push yourself to that finish line during your training. But your body also needs to be prepared. If you are pushing your body to its limit, you need to ensure that it first physically into the right position to help you get past that finish line. And that’s what warm-up does to your body.

It sets the pace for the rest of the run is that your body does not feel overexerted or tired. Also, once you have completed running, take your time and allow your body to cool off completely before you sit in your car and take off. It will avoid any complications and issues with sore limbs later.

Warming up: Sit-ups, skips, stretches, squats, crunches

For cooling down: slow down your pace with the running, gradually coming to a halt.

Build stamina and strength:

prepare-for-a-10K-marathonYour strength comes from within and you need to build it up to be able to withstand the physical pressure and exertion that comes with running long marathons. Include plenty of protein and carbs in your diet.

As far as stamina is concerned, make sure you increase the number of sprints in your run every week rather than just sticking to jogging. Jogging will help you cover more distance in more time. But sprinting will build stamina, teach your body to run a longer distance is a shorter time, working out your body in the process.

Have a strategy:

prepare-for-a-10K-marathonYou need at least 8 weeks of proper planning and training for preparing for a 10K marathon. Anything less than that is highly insufficient. Which is why you must design a strategy for yourself by referring to already available plans on fitness websites. They usually have the same format for every week: running days alternated by cross fit training days.

So, how to prepare for a 10K run? The first week starts off with a mile or two, based on your comfort level. It needs to scale up every week. Add a mile or two each week until you reach 12K. Post that, reduce 2 miles from each week until you reach around 6K. The next week after this, you are ready to run your first 10K marathon. This is a general idea for your marathon strategy. You need to create a chart of practical tips for running exclusively meant only for your exercise and diet routine based on these guidelines.

Invest in good running gear:

prepare-for-a-10K-marathonThis goes without saying. You need to have a good pair of running shoes while preparing for a 10K marathon to be able to get you past this feat without any avoidable injury. A good running shoe is snug around the heel and midfoot and gives a little space around the toes. In addition to this, you may even need a smartwatch with fitness trackers to keep a close record of your progress.

However, you can even do so with running apps on your phone. You will see the changes that occur and all what happens when you start running. Also, make sure you invest in a comfortable running attire. It must be able to absorb sweat off your body. Try your running shoes and running outfit a few weeks before you actually put them on the big day, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Improve speed:

prepare-for-a-10K-marathonWhile preparing for a 10K marathon, focus on how fast you are running instead of focusing how far you run. It is much better to be able to run 1km in 5 minutes than 2 in 20. This will ensure that your stamina improves and stays stable throughout. Although you can take walking and jogging intervals in between during your runs, you should reduce your jogging time and increase your running time each week gradually. In other words, work on your speed rather than your distance.

Finish fast:

prepare-for-a-10K-marathonIf you ask people with first-hand experience of running marathons and preparing for a 10K marathon, most of them will tell you the same thing: You need to give it your best shot in the last lap of the race. For people wondering what happens when you start running a 10K, a 10K marathon is much like a 1K marathon with a 9K warm up. In other words, save your energy for the last when you are more likely to need it the most.

Instead of going all in with all your force in the first half itself, maintain your speed but don’t push yourself until the last 2K. Put your best foot forward when all others are struggling to barely keep up, and you’ll have made it to the finish line in a jiffy.

Summing it up:

The best way to get in shape while preparing for a 10K marathon is to run every alternate day with cross-fit exercises alternated in between. This will ensure that you never lose your rhythm and are only a week or 2 away from runnning your next 10K. Also, give your body a minimum of 3 days to heal after the marathon before you get on with running again. Focus on your diet and practice exercise to get rid of sore legs post a marathon. If everything goes to plan, you will definitely be seen running a 10K soon like a pro!

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