Osteoporosis-treating drug approved for breast cancer treatment: Study

evista a drug usually used in the prevention of osEvista, the established osteoporosis drug, is no new in the market shelves. Though, the internists and gynecologists are for long familiar with the old drug, it is a brand new one for the chemotherapists.

Yes, the osteoporosis-treating drug, Evista has recently been approved by the FDA panel as a drug for treating breast cancer.

The drug has been found to be highly effective on women with high breast cancer risk, especially those who have already suffered from the disease.

Evista has been found as effective as Tamoxifen, the long-recognized breast cancer-treating drug.

Amidst, an already estimated new cases of 178,480 females and 2,030 males in the United States alone this year, with already 40,460 females and 450 males dead from breast cancer, it is surely the right initiative by the government towards approving the drug to ad to the list of the curatives.

Here is yet another opportunity to actually prevent the painful and horrible disease.


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