Online genetic tests that forecast health are useless


The medical science has advanced in leaps and bounds. Many genetic tests have been developed lately. However, most of them are useless and not worth investing any money in. Over the past year or so these tests have been selling online for about pound 500 a time.

But, is it worth spending that cash on the genetic tests? These are basically health horoscopes that offer customers a clean bill of medicine. Several British experts disagree with these online tests. According to these experts, although the gene technology has developed, it is still pretty hard to analyze the patient’s genes.

Some of these online tests put public at risk and even false reassurance! This is what Christine Patch, of the Human Genetics Commission, a Government advisory body believes. The fact that the latest tests claim to check about 500000 genes, only a few genes are related to diseases.

The Genetics commission is supposed to publish a report which is due next week. As of now, the online genetics or rather DNA tests do not pose any risks to the customers.
But, consumers who are buying or falling prey to these online tests are psychologically stressed out regarding the tests result. I think that people should stay away from such genetic tests unless they are conducted by a lawful medical practitioner.

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