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Obstructive sleep apnea: 7 Related health conditions

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What’s more better than a nice good night sleep. But your deep sleep may not be liked by other people sleeping close to you if you have a snoring problem. On a serious note, snoring, technically called as obstructive sleep apnea, increases risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and other severe illnesses.

Here are seven health problems related to obstructive sleep apnea:

1. High blood pressure

The obstructive sleep apnea contributes in developing high blood pressure in individuals and increasing the problem if the person already has it. Also, it causes hormonal imbalance as the people suffering from it experience frequent night waking. Such people having obstructive sleep apnea may experience hypertension caused by decrease in the level of oxygen.

However, one good thing is that people having obstructive sleep apnea can cut back medication of high blood pressure.

2. Heart disease

People suffering from this sleep disorder suffer from heart attacks and are more prone to death right in the middle of a night. The cause of this may be less of oxygen supply or stress caused by frequent waking at night. Other problems like stroke and atrial fibrillation are also related with obstructive sleep apnea. Irregular flow of oxygen makes it difficult for the brain to regulate flow of blood to the arteries and in the brain too.

3. Type 2 diabetes

People suffering with Type 2 diabetes are prone to sleep apnea. Obesity is the common risk with the people suffering from both. Although research have not yet shown any clear link but less sleep is the cause of insulin resistance which is very parent cause of diabetes.

4. Weight gain

Increase in body weight elevates the risk of this sleep disorder, and studies show that nearly two-thirds of people suffering from sleep apnea are overweight. It can be cured by losing weight but it is a very difficult thing. But as it is truly said “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

The main problem of being overweight is that the fatty deposits in the neck stops breathing at night. However, this sleep disorder will cause release of hormone ghrelin, which makes you desire to eat more sweets. This results in making the person feel sleepy, have slow metabolism and hence gain more weight. Proper diet and exercise will help the person a lot.

5. Adult asthma

Asthma attack is mainly a respiratory disorder. The person suffering from asthma finds difficulty in breathing. Although, there is no proven research but people who are undergoing treatment for sleep apnea may have few asthma attacks.

6. GERD/ Heartburn

There is no proper and proven results if sleep apnea causes acid reflux but many people suffering from this it complain of acid reflux and its treatment reduces and improves apnea symptoms.

7. Car accidents

Though not related to the disorder in physical means, less sleep causes grogginess during daytime due to which people with this sleep disorder have the tendency of falling asleep while driving. Research show that people with this sleep disorder are more likely to have car accidents than other normal people.

Treating Sleep Apnea

1. The increased risk for health problems linked to sleep apnea can be scary, but effective treatment for sleep apnea is available. In most cases, a sleep specialist will recommend a machine known as CPAP. Although it can take some time getting used to, people who use CPAP feel better and are healthier. Talk to your doctor about treating your sleep apnea and preventing related health problems.

2. The most important goal of all the devices of sleep apnea is to increase the flow of air to the lungs. This flow of air to the lungs is blocked when muscles around the tongue and throat relax which cause a blockage due to which the air can’t get through. Hence a mouth device is enough for this.

3. The rise in the risk for health problems which are linked to sleep apnea are scary and very harmful to health, but good and effective treatment of sleep apnea is available. A very good sleep specialist will recommend you a machine called CPAP. People using CPAP feel healthier and better and those not using it can get used to it after a little while.

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