Lung transplantation no remedy cystic fibrosis

cystic transplant
Lung transplants aren’t helping people with cyst fibrosis. In the Salt Lake City of Utah, out of 500 children only 5 of them survived whereas the other didn’t. This surprising result shocked the doctors. They strongly believed that this lung transplant would be highly beneficial to the patients, but unfortunately it did not happen so. According to the survey, transplantation is widely accepted treatment all over the globe for any disease which is incurred within a person due to genetic reasons. Sometimes the transplantations help some of the incurable disease to become curable and increase the life span of the people remarkably.

On the other hand, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has to say that more than 50% of the people undergoing the operation are alive for five years or more. But this high death rate amongst children has proved one thing that this lung transplantation is not best option for the people under 18 years of age. And, their parents or guardians will definitely take a second thought before undergoing this operation. This is because although they are spending such huge amount of money on the operation which is also not guaranteeing the life of their children.
Patients undergoing the operation feel that this is some kind of providential thing happening on them. Now, due to such improvement in the way the operation is conducted, there are teenagers who is undergoing lung transplantation has now chances to live until their mid-30s.

Via: Yahoo News

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