New vibration-based exercise equipment can tone up your muscles faster

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To help you keep away from either those neurological complications arising out of weight-loss surgery, or the tedious and time-consuming exercises, a new fitness machine has been put across the market shelves.

The new type of fitness machine shakes your body like a martini, doing the job of toning up the muscles faster. Promoters of the machine claim the equipment to be capable of improving flexibility and strength of one’s body.

It also can reduce pain and stress, build muscle and reverse osteoporosis! It seems to the answer to many diseases.

Also tested by NASA, the concept can also be of tremendous help during astronauts’ long, weightless trips in space, as it can reduce muscle atrophy and bone loss.

However, besides all its services against diseases, the machine’s high-powered jiggling might harm the brain, researchers fear. It may even cause possible injuries ranging from back pain to cartilage damage, they warn.

It is too early to decide on the long-term effects of such powerful vibrations, though may prove better than those weight-loss surgery.

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