Music – Recipe for the brain

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Music and mind have been associated with each other for a long time now. We don’t need to ask a person as to how a particular kind of music helped him. Music soothens stress, it heals our inner self. Music is the manifestation of the human spirit.

Physicists from world over have further demonstrated this never-ending relation of the mind and music. The international team led by Simone Bianco and Paolo Grigolini at the Center for Nonlinear Science at the University of North Texas, has further knit music to mind. Their study reveals an amazing similarity between the strings produced by music compositions and brain activity.

Researchers monitored brain activity through an electroencephalograph (EEG), which records electrical signals on the surface of the brain. The musical symphony was analyzed among other factors as the melody, rhythm, harmony, timber and pitch.

Researchers mapped brain activity that demonstrated the association between patterns of electrical signals in the brain and musical compositions.

A complexity index was assigned for the compositions and brain function, a number to describe the intricacy of either the musical patterns or electrical signals. The resultant number for both patterns was less than two, suggesting that both the brain and the composition are self-organized. And composition perhaps reflects the self-organized mind of the composer. Therefore, the complexity index needs to be further analyzed to understand whether the complexity of the composition affects the complexity of the brain’s activity.

As a result of technology, we have further established the relation between music and mind. And as science progresses further, the intricacies would be solved.

Music enlivens the mind and refreshes ideas. Music enlivens the spirit, relieves tensions, stress and anxiety and gives a soothing touch to the heart. Music is rightly the mirror of the mind.


Via: Science Daily

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