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Medical Tourism Visionary Dr Prem launches Guides for Medical and Wellness Tourism

A cost-effective mean to access medical care through cross border travel, medical tourism is a burgeoning sector of the global healthcare industry. Medical Tourism has delivered copious opportunities for progressive economies to resurrect, develop or improve their healthcare systems and generate revenue.


As medical tourism continues to grow and evolve, the lack of authentic information for the average consumer has proven to be a challenge. Common folks are still unaware of the benefits that can be reaped may sometimes also find planning and preparation overwhelming.

Making an effort to bridge the knowledge gap, Dr Prem, a medical tourism veteran, industry expert, visionary and global healthcare consultant, has recently launched Medical Tourism Guide and Wellness Tourism Guide.

Treatises covering all aspects of medical and wellness tourism, the guides are manifestation of Dr Prem’s comprehensive knowledge and clear understanding of the changing trends in the global healthcare industry. With impeccably written and intelligible guides, the award-winning author aims to educate individuals on the importance of planning and preparing for medical tourism.

Offering insight into the guidebooks on offer, Dr Prem opined in a recent press conference, “Dearth of knowledge is the prime deterrent to the growth of medical tourism. If a study that we conducted recently is something to go by, about 59% of industry experts endorse my claim. Whatever information the common folks receive is unregulated. Offering credible, current and incisive information, Medical Tourism Guide and Wellness Tourism Guide are manifestation of my resolve to challenge the status quo. I have tried my level best to educate patients and provide them with a trustworthy reference they can utilize to ensure seamless, rewarding and memorable experience.”

About Medical Tourism Guide:

A treasure-trove of valuable information, Medical Tourism Guide delves deep into the nuances of the medical tourism industry. In the initial chapters of the guidebook, the reader gets a vivid understanding of the concept and historical perspective of medical tourism, along with its growth drivers.

The author has painstakingly constructed a description of 68 medical tourism destinations that delivers a bird’s eye view of their strengths. The guidebook proceeds with a vivid narration of associated wellness and health tourism and winds up with informing the reader about things he must factor in before crossing borders to avail medical care. The bottom line of the guidebook is to enhance the quality of life.

Read more about Dr Prem’s work in Medical Tourism at http://drprem.com/medical-tourism

About Wellness Tourism Guide:

Wellness Tourism Guide explores the various facets of wellness industry and makes for good read. The guidebook successfully establishes the correlation of the wellness tourism with the overall well being of an individual. The guidebook explores the origin of wellness tourism and states facts and unbiased analysis.

Much like the Medical Tourism Guide, the Wellness Tourism Guide also offers insights into different domains of wellness tourism. Additionally, Dr Prem suggests few tips that come in handy in planning an effective wellness tour. However, the highlight of the guidebook is the in-depth analysis of therapies, concoctions and performances prevalent in different parts of the world.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi summarizes his guidebook, “Leveraging upon my industry experience, I have devised a rule, which I refer to as Dr Prem’s Medical Tourism Rule. The rule states – assume less, reassure more and plan meticulously. This rule forms the platform upon which rests the entire edifice of both the guidebooks I vetted. My focus remained on suggesting plausible answers to all the possible queries that a medical tourist might foster, delivering guidelines for the medical or wellness traveller to reassure himself, and coming up with checklists and graphs that allows for an assiduous planning and flawless implementation. Putting it simply, these inputs will facilitate a safe and successful medical journey.”

Read more about Dr Prem’s work in Wellness Tourism at http://drprem.com/wellness

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