Meal replacement diet

Meal Replacement Diet has become extremely popular in the current era. Dieters no longer have to waste time in researching and preparing separate foods or count if calories in the foods they consume. Meal Replacement Diet allows us to have prepackaged or easy to prepare food items.
The article will provide you valuable information on 2 meal replacement plans. The reason to provide 2 meal replacement plans is to allow you to choose the one which suits you best.  In both diets, foods contain low carbs and calories along high protein content.

Meal Replacement Plan #1

It is a diet plan for those individuals who don't mind preparing their food and love to have lots of choices to eat from. It is also known as Nurtisystem. The replacement plan allows you to have 130 choices to choose from. Fruits, meat, vegetables, yogurt and numerous other options are all present in this plan. You can also choose safe packaged food items to include in this plan.

The only problem of being on this meal replacement plan is that sometimes dieters go for wrong options which make all their efforts end in vain. The freedom to prepare food yourself makes dieters go for unhealthy items. This should be avoided in plan #1.

Meal Replacement Plan #2

The replacement plan is also known as Medifast. You have approximately 70 food choices to choose from in this plan. The 70 choices include foods like pudding, chili, hot chocolate, protein bars, eggs, soup, oatmeal and stew. You are advised to eat 6 times a day to see full effects of the diet. The 6 small meals help you keep full and fight with food cravings.

You can have lean white meat and green vegetables for one large meal in a day. You may cook this meal yourself and have remaining 5 meals from packaged food stuff. The plan #2 gives you lesser choices but it provides you with more convenience.

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