Marathon runners more prone to skin cancer!

This may sound somewhat strange but it is true that marathon runners are at higher risk of developing skin cancer and malignant melanoma. The researchers exposed this fact on Monday. To come up with some conclusion, researchers studied about 420 males and females. These 420 males and females were divided into 2 parts of 210 and 210, containing people of same age and sex. Whereas one group contained just marathon runners while second one contained no marathon runners.

Finally, these researchers concluded that marathon runners were at higher risk of developing skin cancer due to more exposure to ultra violet rays. In addition, these marathon runners were at higher risk of developing malignant melanoma. Researchers believe that using sunscreen lotion during outdoor activity may lower the chances of skin cancer but it is strange that only 56 percent of these marathon runners were using sunscreen lotion. According to an estimate of WHO every year about 48,000 people die of malignant melanomas and about 12,000 die of other forms of skin cancer.

This new finding about marathon runners suggests that marathon runners should be well fortified to stay away from skin cancer. Moreover, the estimates of WHO indicates that not only marathon runners but also other people are in the focus of skin cancer. Means some thing must be done expeditiously to curb this problem.

Via: topix

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