Managing headaches and migraines

While headaches can be very annoying, migraines are all the more debilitating as their headaches last longer. The pain that comes with migraine is unbearable and can also disrupt the routine. It brings along with it an unusual sensitivity to light, noise, and all other senses. The person suffering can feel irritated and be overly sensitive in terms of emotional responses.

As a whole, headaches and migraines have the capacity to disturb the routine life, the performance and the well-being of a person. And when such a problem tends to occur often or with the slightest trigger it becomes quite bothersome. Persons suffering from headaches and migraines can benefit by gaining more information and finding ways to manage headaches.


You can help

If you are suffering from frequent headaches or migraine, you can help yourself by using the following tips:

  • Get yourself evaluated from a physician and once a diagnosis is made follow their instructions. Take your medications on time as prescribed and make regular follow-up visits. If you are on medication for any other ailments follow that schedule properly.
  • Learn about migraine and the triggering factors. Gain more information about the various factors that could be present in your case. For example, it could be a disturbed night’s sleep, loud noise for a long time, overexertion, etc.
  • Keep a watch on your diet and regimen. Try to find out the factors like some food items, some spices, etc may be causing headache. Keep a record of all such triggers and make the necessary changes.
  • Plan a routine for yourself and try to strictly follow it. Eat, sleep and work on the scheduled time. Preferably avoid sudden deviations and this can cause an upset in your system.
  • Analyze your lifestyle and find out the factors that may not be appropriate for your health. Identify your stressors and try to reduce your stress. Practice stress management techniques and meditation as that can help you relax.
  • Plan an exercise routine as it helps to release hormones that can fight your stress away. It will also help in relaxing your muscle tension and make you feel light.


  • Learn the ways to feel better when you have a migraine episode and find out what suits you the best. For example, lying down, avoiding light, noise or taking a break, etc. Also keep at hand the medications that you might need in this case. This will help you bring the headache in control without having to suffer much.


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