Latest advancements in treatment of gum disease discussed at Riyadh symposium


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare’s Parodontax oral care brand yesterday (Sunday, December 05, 2010) organised a dental lecture titled ‘Dentists Scientific Bridge’ at the Sheraton Hotel, Riyadh. Dr. Saad Al Nazhan, Director of Postgraduate Studies, Dentistry College, King Saud University, and Dr. Khalid Al Hamdan, Assistant Professor and Head, Division of Periodontics, Dentistry College, King Saud University, served as the main speakers at the event, which aimed to highlight latest advances in the treatment of gum diseases, specifically gingival and periodontal diseases. The event, which was attended by nearly 200 dentists, also was a platform for dental experts to share best practices, in addition to serving as a forum to discuss pertinent issues and solutions.

“Certain dental conditions such as bleeding gums are often ignored as people presume this to be a harmless problem. What they do not realise is that these seemingly risk-free conditions could be a sign of gum disease and if left untreated could lead to more serious chronic inflammatory diseases or even tooth loss. One of the objectives of organising this lecture was to highlight and raise awareness for gum disease and the importance of treating gum problems, especially given today’s advancements in dental technology and medical sciences,” said Dr. Khalid Al Hamdan, Assistant Professor and Head, Division of Periodontics, Dentistry College, King Saud University.

“The symposium presented an ideal platform for dental experts to share their experience and highlight ways through which people can pay greater attention to oral health. We believe the event has provided the impetus to conduct similar initiatives that will benefit both the dental fraternity and the community at large,” added Al Hamdan.

GSK Consumer Healthcare offers the clinically-proven toothpaste – Parodontax – to treat gum disease. As a daily toothpaste containing mineral salts and six natural herbs extracts, Parodontax helps stop bleeding gums, strengthen gum tissue, and fights plaque and tooth decay.

GSK Consumer Healthcare also revealed that the dental lectures it has been organising in the recent months is part of a broader campaign to turn the spot light on gum diseases across the Middle East and Levant regions.

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