Know The Benefits Of DNA Repair Enzymes Skin To Retain Youthful Looks

Your skincare products essentially should have DNA repair enzymes as voiced by the scientists. The benefits of DNA repair enzymes skin are long lasting as they target repairing the DNA of your body cells, thereby restoring the youthfulness of skin.

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DNA repair with enzymes for damaged skin is not quite heard of; but skin care experts are now stressing on genetic mending, which is likely to take over other modes of skin care soon. DNA repair enzymes are wonder ingredients and the skincare market is already witnessing a number of products loaded with them.

How effective are DNA repair enzymes skin?

DNA repair enzymes

To understand the effectiveness of DNA repair enzymes, you need to understand its mechanism. The UV rays attacking your skin does more harm than just causing burns. The rays straightaway attack the cellular DNA and cause irreversible damage. This obviously provides the linkage between overexposure to sunlight and skin cancer.

Our skin cells are working continuously using enzymes to repair DNA, but there are limitations too. If the damage is beyond the repairing capability, you are exposed to the worst outcome. Of late, scientists at Newcastle University have discovered a particular enzyme responsible for maintaining youthful skin.

Mitochondrial Complex II – The DNA repair enzymes skin:


This wonderful ingredient is found in mitochondria, the power batteries of our cells. It is this wonder enzyme that keeps our skin smooth and supple. According to the Professor of Molecular Dermatology, Mark Birch- Machin, just as the batteries run down after prolonged usage, the skin cells also face the depletion of this enzyme with aging.

For the first time, the scientists discovered that the specific metabolic activity of this skin-rejuvenating enzyme decreases with increasing age that shows up in the form of skin wrinkles, spots, and lines.

The scientists are hopeful of creating tailor-made anti-aging products using DNA repair enzymes to treat different types of pigmented and aging skin of different age groups.

Reversing years of skin damage – the new domain of skin care:

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As the benefits of DNA repair enzymes skin are unfolding, skin care experts are striving to create a new range of products that provide a long-lasting youthfulness to the skin. Research has already proved the inadequacy of antioxidants and sunscreen in repairing skin damage.

Dr. Ronald Moy, the Noble Prize-winning surgeon, dermatologist, and the Senior Vice- President of the Skin Cancer Foundation has been the pioneer in creating exclusive skin care products targeting DNA repair with enzymes.

According to him, these enzymes play the role of a seamstress. They identify the damaged DNA, cut it off, and join it with an undamaged DNA. Dr. Moy, before releasing his DNA Renewal products, tried the DNA repair enzyme treatment on his wife who suffered severe sunburns earlier. The result was miraculous. The redness disappeared within 24 hours.

To maximize the benefits of DNA repair enzymes, Dr. Moy suggests starting young.  The earlier you start, the better it is for your skin. Even if your skin does not show any aging signs, it does not mean that your DNA enzyme level is enough. The damage starts early, but the signs show up a few years later.

Protective action in skin cancer:

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Not only reversing skin damage, DNA repair enzymes also have a protective function against skin cancer. It has been proved that these enzymes function in preventing actinic keratosis (the precancerous stage of skin cancer) and can significantly slow down skin cancer among those with xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare genetic disorder.  Therefore, it is worth realizing that the benefits of DNA repair enzymes skin protect as well as cures.

The wide range of skin therapies with DNA repair enzyme:

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The DNA Renewal products launched on the basis of Dr. Moy’s revolutionary discovery seem to be extremely successful in reversing skin aging.  At last, he has handed out the secret weapon to maintain youthful skin in the most effective manner.

The top-line products based on DNA repair enzyme can be listed as follows:

  • Priori Cellular Recovery Serum: Replicates the functions of cellular DNA repair enzymes and kicks off the damaging effect of UV radiation.
  • DNA Renewal DNA Intensive Renewal: This is one of the most effective products of Dr. Moy’s DNA Renewal product range. Miraculously treats skin discoloration, lightens dark patches, and restores skin radiance.
  • Neova DNA Total Repair: Made from plankton derived Photolysome, it effectively treats wrinkles, fine lines, and works on all types of skin.
  • DNA Renewal DNA Scar Therapy: Another top product of Dr. Moy’s DNA renewal range. Enriched with beta glucan, sunflower seed oil, and silicone, this replenishing enzyme works effectively on stubborn scars.
  • Actives The Original 37 Extreme Actives: Made from extracts of blue algae, Micrococcus, Arabidopsis, and Yerba Mate Tea, this anti-aging cream can be your true beauty enhancer.

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