Implantable chip contraceptive for women poised to bring major lifestyle changes

Many women keep looking for reliable means of contraception. Most of them rely on birth control pills, but these pills have widespread side effects of all complexity levels. However, women still make them a part of their life because it is an easy way to avoid pregnancy. On the other hand, scientists also keep researching on newer, safer and simpler ways of contraception. Within this context, a group of top scientists has now come up with an innovative and easy way to avoid pregnancy for around 16 years. They have invented an electronic chip that eliminates the need for women to remember taking their birth control pills each day.

Knowing the chip

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It is a sub-dermal chip, which means it can be slipped under the skin. This chip can be easily implanted under the skin of stomach, upper arm, or buttocks. The skin implant is a device that can be turned on or off using a remote control. When you want a contraceptive, you can let this chip work automatically. It can be turned off when you are ready to conceive and want to start a family. The chip works to release a contraceptive hormone every day according to the expected requirement. Its daily dose can keep you away from all worries and you can enjoy your life fully. It gives you good control on your childbirth preferences.

When this chip is implanted under your skin, you may not even feel its existence. It is quite small in size that is about the size of a postage stamp. As the chip can give you a safe cover for around 16 years, it means that you can be stress-free for about half of your reproductive life in one go. It is a far better option than many other available contraceptives that can only give you a maximum protection for four to five years. A wonderful advantage of this chip is its control that is always in a woman’s hands. When she wants to conceive, she can just override its program using a remote control. There is not even the need to visit a clinic to get this chip removed.

Easy to manage

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If contraception becomes a need later on, then the chip can again be turned on. It is as simple as that. You do not receive such a quick option for any other contraceptive device. This chip also keeps you away from painful removal procedures that are done at clinics. Its working procedure is also not very complex to understand.

Construction of the chip

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There is a series of tiny wells in this chip and each of these wells contains a daily dose of the contraceptive hormone called levonorgestrel. The same hormone is used in various other contraceptives available in the market. This daily dose is released in your bloodstream each day at a preprogrammed time.

An ultrathin seal on each well on the chip is made of titanium and platinum. This seal does not let the drug to be released until required. At the set time every day, a small current melts this seal on a single well that leads to the release of a daily dose of the hormone. It is a precise program that is only turned off when you want to conceive.


The world’s top scientists have already been using such devices to release other types of drugs in patients suffering from osteoporosis. Thus, it is a reliable device up to a certain extent. However, scientists fear that its control may be misused by hackers. Still, a US manufacturer is planning to bring this unique chip in the market by 2018. Thus, there is good news for many women who are seeking such a comfortable option.


Contraceptives can become easier to manage with the help of implantable chips that can assure a working capability of about 16 years. The chip can easily be turned on or off by means of a remote control.

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