Ibuprofen: The best painkiller for children

ibuprofen 64Ibuprofen is the best, especially when it comes to relieving pain because it targets inflammation while other painkillers like acetaminophen and codeine don’t do that. Canadian researchers hurled this factor after going through an intensive study.

During the course of study researchers found that among 300 children who arrived at the emergency department with pain from a musculoskeletal injury, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil and generics) led to significantly better improvement on a pain scale than acetaminophen and codeine.

Dubbing this study as first of its kind Dr. Eric Clark, lead author of an emergency medicine doctor at the University of Ottawa School of Medicine said:

No one had done comparison studies on the pain medications we use [on children] shift after shift.

Well, it is good news for children groaning with pain but what about the studies, which have dubbed painkillers quite harmful for health. Moreover, how we can refute the warnings earlier given by experts, themselves. Give a look here:-

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