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Hollywood Diet Tips that Make Dieting more Enjoyable


Gorgeous, glamorous, resplendent- the Hollywood Divas never cease to mesmerize you with their lean, slender silhouettes. But what makes them ever fit and perfect even when they have treaded several decades of their lives? Here are some diet secrets from the hot Hollywood damsels who have been known for their superb figures.

Go on a Sugar-free diet: Actress Angelina Jolie went on a completely sugar-free diet and binged on boiled vegetables and sea bass during the filming of Tomb Raider. She suggests a diet without any elements of sugar and loads of dairy products including soy milk.

Cookie Diet: Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson is all in for eating a cookie and skipping one meal. They suggest have four cookies in place of breakfast and lunch and have your dinner healthy with about 600 to 900 calories and you will be amazed how you lose weight based on the restriction of calories.

Have Java Coffee: If you thought those big cups of coffee which celebrities are often seen holding are heaped in sweeteners, well, think twice. For celebs never go for artificial sweeteners which in fact trigger one to tread on the path of obesity. Instead they go for real sugar but in small quantities along with soy milk for a rich, frothy coffee which is however low in calories.

Sugar Fixes: What do the celebs do if they suddenly get a sugar craving? They go for a small paper cup brimming with icing rather than reaching out for a sweet bun or a pastry. Oprah Winfrey indulges in ice lollies and iced fruit bars when she feels like treating her sweet tooth or gets hungry.

A Little of Everything: That’s how Jennifer Lopez maintains her awesome silhouette and err, her impeccable derriere. She never goes for weird diet charts or believes in sacrificing anything but opts for a well-balanced diet without drinking or smoking in the least. When her body needs something she knows what it is and never thinks twice before pampering herself with it.

Grapefruit: Carmen Electra and Jennifer Lopez always carry grapefruit oil vials in their handbags. The reason is clear enough. The aroma of grapefruit oil makes your food cravings go plummeting and your weight attenuates if inhaled for 15 minutes thrice a day.

If this does not suffice take actress Jessica Alba’s advice of cooking for yourself and eating healthy with a sumptuous breakfast of cottage cheese, eg-white omelette and loads of fruits, salad for lunch and chicken or fish with vegetables for dinner. You can even treat your sweet tooth with some lip smacking frozen yogurt of chocolate or strawberry flavors- the actress’s favorite.

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