Have Oily Hair-Get Rid of It Using These Tips

Greasy hair can be a nightmare; it looks limp, dull and lacks volume. It is usually the result of a poor diet or if you have too much product in your hair. Oily hair is a bit more manageable, but it does have it disadvantages-it is always prone to get dirtier faster which adds to the buildup in your hair making it even oilier. Oily hair can also be difficult to maintain and style as it will always fall flat and has to be washed just right so that it does not look oily. Here are some tips worth trying:

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Shampoo and Conditioning regularly:

Oily should be kept as clean as possible and you can only do this by shampooing on a regular basis. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard, as too much of shampooing will actually make you hair oilier than it already is. This is because shampoo dries out your hair and forcing the sebaceous glands to go into hyper drive and produce more oil. Wash your hair every two to three days using products meant for oily hair. You may not always have to use conditioner, but it is important to use the right one to make your hair look good. The best conditioner for oily hair is one that is oil free and light in texture and only using just a few drops, spreading the conditioner evenly on the bottom strands avoiding the scalp.


The scalp produces oil that moisturizes the hair strands, brushing your hair will ensure that the oils get distributed throughout your hair. Brushing oily hair will distribute the oil and the scalp will stop producing extra oil.

Luke Warm Water:

Wash your hair with warm water if you have oily hair; make sure that it isn’t too hot as this will dry out your hair and cause more oil to be secreted. Use cold water for a final rinse to rejuvenate your hair. Do this only if you have build up of oil in your hair, it would be better if you use normal water.

Stay away for hot styling tools:

It is pretty obvious why you should do this-when your scalp get too hot, it will start to produce oil. This is not good thing if you have oily hair. Stay away from styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curlers. Use them occasionally, but make sure that they are put on the lowest settings.

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