Give it an expiry date: Rule of replacing things for better health

There are several items lying around our home that needs to be changed or replaced every once in a while. From the tire of your car and the filter of your water purifier to the bed sheets and toothbrushes, all need to be replaced with new ones after a certain period of time.

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Not replacing these items on time can pose health challenges for you and your loved ones. For example not changing the filter of the AC when it is necessary will pollute the air indoors. This can lead to severe breathing troubles and even lung infections. In the following you will find out a guideline on when to change what for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Throw away the old toothbrushes

worn toothbrush

Let’s start by replacing the simple yet necessary item that we use everyday. Researchers have found that a single toothbrush can be the breeding ground of around ten million germs. Which means the very object you use to clean your teeth is actually quite dirty.

The American Dental Association has advised that everyone should change their toothbrush after a period of three months of using. The reason behind this is not just germs but also the fact that in three months the ends of the bristles will wear off. When the bristles start spewing in every direction then it is time to change it because or else it will hurt your gums.

Change those sheets


During college life many try to avoid changing sheets. This helps in reducing their burden of laundry. But dirt from your clothes and body can make your sheets and pillows stink. This can lead to infections, allergies and dandruff problem. It is necessary to wash the bed sheets once every two weeks.

If you are someone who sweats profusely during sleep then you must wash your pillow covers and bed sheets every week or replace them with fresh ones. The task of pillows is to keep your neck and head in a neutral position throughout the night. With time pillows can become lumpy and saggy. If you do not change old and worn pillows then you may have to suffer from neck pains.

Chuck out the old plastic containers

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Plastic water bottles and food containers should also be replaced after a period of time. The plastic containers contain polycarbonates and some may even have BPA. Companies claim to have stopped using them but still there might be BPA in several cheap plastic containers and bottles. The plastic containers offer chemicals that go into your body through food or drink. Instead of plastic you can use glass containers and metal bottles.

Get rid of the old clothes

Young woman with basket full of clothes giving thumb up

Giving away things that you are not going to use again is a way of reusing it. There are probably lots of old clothes, shoes and other items in your closet that you will not be worn by you. Give such clothes to charity for homeless people. This way the clutter inside your closet will get reduced and there will be more storage space for your new belongings. Also clean your home and get rid of old papers, magazines and books that you don’t need.

Old makeup and makeup brushes

Woman with makeup brushes

Just like toothbrush the makeup brushes are also breeding grounds for germs. You need to clean your makeup brushes regularly and change them after 6 to 8 months. Some makeup brushes can last more than a year. Lip gloss, lipsticks, blush-on and other make up necessities should be replaced every year. It is best if you chuck out lip glosses after 6 months of use.

There are many things in your home which needs to be changed or replaced. Not cleaning and replacing old belongings can make it difficult for you to lead a healthy life.

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