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Food that would boost up your sex life


A good and healthy sex life is what all couples prefer and opt for. A healthy sex life gives you mental satisfaction along with the energy to spice up your day. A good sex life also helps in smooth blood circulation, helps you develop a good physique and also helps to maintain good health. What can people do in order to boost up their sex life? According to Leslie Bonci, M.P.H., R.D director of sports and nutrition in the Pittsburgh University, plants are a great source of nutrition which consists of low fat and high nutrition value. They keep your heart good; arteries unclogged and also help to prevent diseases of the heart along with erectile dysfunction. Here are some foods which would help you to boost up your sex life by a great deal.

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes


Tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin C along with lycopene, a component which helps to control the health of the prostrate as per Shari Lieberman, Ph.D., a nutrition scientist and exercise physiologist. The best way to utilize the lycopene is by cooking the tomato in a little bit of olive oil like pasta sauce. Consumption of Lycopene helps you to have a great sex life.



Nuts are high in amino acid arginine content which is very helpful for synthesis of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps in producing erections.Nuts are also good for your heart. The most favorable nuts are almond, walnut and pistachio which are high in anti oxidants and low in saturated fats. Peanuts contain a little of saturated fatty acids and should be avoided. Consumption of nuts also helps to reduce cholesterol.


Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkins along with pumpkin seeds are a great source of antioxidants selenium and vitamin E which are good for your arteries. They help in less of arteries clogging and keeps your heart light and nice thus also helping to boost sexual drives.


Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most beast things that you can give yourself for keeping good health as well as a great sex life. It has a number of benefits including controlling the blood pressure, smooth circulation of blood, and good functioning of your arteries. It comprises of a good deal of Vitamin E along with monounsaturated fatty acids which helps in prevention of heart attacks.


Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is a very good source of Vitamin E which keeps your arteries healthy and your skin and hair smooth and glowing. It also stimulates your sexual organs for great sex life.



This is a shellfish which is abundantly found in oceans. Shellfish is rich in zinc. Zinc is good for reproductive organs in men as well as sexual function. Shellfish should be eaten well cooked so that it is does not affect your stomach.

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