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Factors that play problems with your brain, and ideas to boost memory

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Have you ever found yourself at loss, trying to find your necessary documents, favorite shirt, purse or keys? There are several factors which might be messing with your memory like certain foods, brain strokes, harmful medicines and others.

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Even sleeplessness and stress can cause memory disorders and brain drainage. Recognizing these factors can help you in preventing brain drainage and improve your mental functions.

Problems with the thyroid gland

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It is not easy to recognize the symptoms of thyroid disorders. However, if your thyroid gland stops working properly then you may start feeling anxious or depressed and your memory may start playing tricks on you. Thyroid does not have any direct impact on the brain but overactive or under-active thyroid gland can lead to memory loss.

Medicines can play culprit

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Popular and common medicines of flu can cause psychosis and hallucinations. Flu, when severe, can be fatal and it is one of the most common diseases. Without strong medications one cannot combat this disease.

The medicines of cholesterol have a more direct impact on our memory. Medicines like Lipitor can actually lead to amnesia. Narcotic painkillers, sleeping pills and incontinence medications also have a bad reputation when it comes to memory.

Sleeplessness can spoil your brain

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Just like the other body parts, our brain too requires rest. Sleeplessness prevents the brain from going to nap mode and affects its capability of remembering things. Sleeplessness can also affect one’s ability to concentrate and increases time of response to things. You must try to sleep for at least 6 hours a day for protecting your brain and enhancing its abilities.

Stress, anxiety and depression can wreck havoc

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Though scientists are yet to establish the exact connection between memory loss and stress they believe that bipolar diseases, anxiety disorder and excessive stress can ruin the neural circuitry system.

This system is responsible for helping us retrieve a memory when necessary. Severe depression too can delete memories and leave blank space there. Try to think positive if you suffer from depression and seek counseling from a professional.

Great tips for improving and preserving your memory

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Lack of vitamin B12 is one of the primary causes of brain drainage. If you are a vegetarian then chances are that you get very little amount of vitamin B12 from your daily diet. You may consult your physician and start taking a supplement of vitamin B12. This vitamin helps in keeping your nerves and blood cells healthy. Eggs, meats, dairy and shellfish are rich sources of vitamin B12.

Chatting with virtual friends on social media sites is not called socializing. You have to meet people and have a good conversation every now and then. This will help you connect with their emotions and remember their facial expressions, tone of voice, touch, smell and other details.

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Such details can help in bringing back memories. Solving puzzles like sudoku and crosswords can also help in improving your memory. The functions of the brain improve as you make it work harder. You may also take new routes to your work place or try to learn something new every now and then for keeping the brain agile.

Sipping green tea more than once a day can also improve your memory. Green tea offers L-theanine, EGCG and other compounds that help in the neurogenesis in the hippocampus region of our brain. Try to eat healthy meals everyday and control chronic diseases for improving brain functions.

There are several factors which can cause brain drainage. Exercising, mental activities, sipping green tea and maintaining a healthy diet full of vitamin B12 rich foods can help you retain the precious memories.

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