Eye care tips: Keep your vision intact

Eye Care Tips: Keep your vision intact

The world will not be the same place without vision. A day spent without opening eyes can lead you to a complete black hole. The eye is an essential and sensitive sensory organ. Reduced vision, infections, cataract, deterioration with age and diseases are some of the common problems associated with eyes. You should adapt good eye care habits to improve your ocular health. Here are some tips that can be helpful:

1. Regular check ups
a. Get your vision checked periodically every two years. The symptoms associated with eye disorders are very subtle and may go un-noticed. So, regular eye screening can diagnose any abnormality and the progression can be stopped or slowed down.
b. If you have a family history of eye disorder, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. than you should go for frequent eye checkups as advised by your doctor. This is because diabetes and hypertension can lead to damage of retina or permanent impairment of vision.

2. Eye gear to protect eyes
a. Adequate amount of vitamins from sunlight is essential. But the harmful ultraviolet rays can lead to many eye disorders like cataract. So, it is recommended to wear UV blocking sunglasses when you expose yourself to strong sunlight.
b. Wear protective eye gear like goggles during sports like basketball, tennis, hockey etc. to keep the eye ball intact.
c. Wear protective glasses when you are handling chemicals or while exposing yourself to irritants, dust, or polluted air.

3. Avoid dryness and itchiness
a. If you are facing dryness and itchiness in your eyes then splash cold water onto your face.
b. Avoid touching your eyes with your fingers.
c. You can also use artificial tears or eye lubicrant drops to relieve the dryness.

4. Natural supplements
a. Chrysanthemum tea is beneficial for red eyes caused by inadequate sleep and eye strain.
b. Vitamin A is must for a normal eye sight. Good sources of vitamin A are carrots, apricots, and squashes.
c. Bilberry strengthens the eye muscles and prevents occurrence of many infections.

5. Quit smoking
a. Smoking harms the eye tissue and increases the chances of developing cataract.

6. Tips for reducing eye strain while working on computers
a. Position the monitor at an appropriate distance and install anti glare filter.
b. Relax your eyes every 45 minutes while working on computer. Just close your eyes for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths.
c. Increase the font size of the application you are using to reduce the strain on eyes.

7. Regular eye exercise
a. Rotate your eyeballs 20 times clockwise and anticlockwise. This should be done without moving your head.
b. Whenever your eyes feel heavy and exhausted, rub your palms together for a few seconds and press them against your eyes.
c. Don’t forget to blink your eyes frequently while working in front of a computer.

8. Do not share your eye products as this increases the chances of infection.

9. Be very careful when using contact lenses. Clean them regularly and replace them frequently.

10. Avoid using face wash and shampoos with chemicals that cause eye irritation.

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