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Eating well for good health

Good health can be enjoyed by having the right nutrition, which means having the right choice of food at the right time and in the correct way. If you wish to enjoy good health there are some dietary tips that you can follow and obtain nutritious ways of keeping your body and mind healthy.


Tips for you

While it is necessary to satisfy your hunger and to some extent your taste buds, it is equally important to count on the quantity of food that you are consuming. Here are some tips that you can use to maintain a healthy life.

  • It is advisable to consume small quantities of food and make the right selection of food items. Rather than choosing large quantities of unhealthy food, make a smart selection and you can keep the quantity to the minimum requirement.


  • Count your calorie requirement and accordingly plan for food items that satisfy your needs by providing a variety of nutrients in your diet. Take the help of My Plate, as recommended by the nutrition department and make the right choice.


  • Choose high quality foods that are rich in nutrients and are energy packed when you are on the go. Prefer nuts, almonds and other seeds for this purpose.


  • Make sure you consume lots of vegetables and fruits during the day. You can carry them in your snack boxes also in the form of fruit slices or vegetable salad.


  • Avoid eating highly processed and refined foods, products that are high in fat, sugar or salt content. Avoid aerated drinks and sugary products, like cakes, pastries, or sweets. Instead, choose to sip on buttermilk, soymilk or eat whole grain products.


  • Above all, it is important to fix the time of meals and follow a diet routine. Chew the food properly and avoid any distractions during mealtimes. Include exercise in your daily plan. It will help you remain fit.

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