Drug-resistant staph infections rising alarmingly in Chicago

infected by staph 9

Crowded living conditions, be it of public housing or jails, has always been an issue of revolt for human rights. Now, it seems, the staph bacteria is taking due advantage of the conditions in poor Chicago neighborhood.

These superbugs — called methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or MRSA — can lead to skin infections that increase the risk of pneumonia, bloodstream infections and a painful, flesh-destroying condition. Where lies the concern, is the MRSA’s strong resistance to the penicillin drug family. So, it is hard to treat!

The urban poor are rapidly getting infected by the drug-resistant superbugs. It has risen at an alarming rate of almost seven-fold in recent years in some Chicago neighborhoods, according to a new study.

And, if you are planning to get that favorite design tattooed illegally, just drop it. You may be attacked with that drug-resistant staph infection.

These super-bugs have originated mainly from hospitals and nursing homes, but their uncontrolled spread has turned up recently among common people as well as athletes.

But, those affluent neighborhoods have no reasons to stay assured that their lifestyle or ability for treating the super-bugs would keep them safely away for its attack!

Gerber said. Susan Gerber of Chicago’s Department of Public Health said,

This is an equal opportunity bacteria.

Since, the study looked only at people using the public hospital system; the infection rate in the general population is unknown.


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