Drug Advice: How to detox your body from weed in a week

There’s no doubt about it, there’s so much out there about weed; so much more since it’s been made legal in several places in the US. It can be very confusing; and, not knowing the chemical and technical details of it means you could be doing the wrong cleansing detox and getting yourself into issues as well.

We can honestly tell you that, regardless of the quality of weed or the amount consumed, we have no way of assuring you a complete detox in less than a week. So, to be honest and straightforward with quality information about how to totally detox yourself from weed within a reasonable time which for us is a week. There are many ways to detox from weed, you can read the guide from Kevin Bryce from howtostopsmokingpot.org.

How to detox your body

Just so you know – this will cover only urine. This is because there are either other quicker methods for passing another sort of drug – test or it’s too hard to do this in a week for another type. Since urine tests are the most commonly used and most searched for, we can stick with that.

Can you really detox in a week?

You can, but it depends on a few factors: One, your body fat and Two: your consumption and frequency of use. In other words, before you execute any of the steps we outline here, you have to take into consideration your own body chemistry and how it stores THC. You can go into a test with a weed buddy that has smoked the same batch, at the same time and with the same frequency and still have an issue and they not.

Steps to detoxing from weed in 7 days flat

So, now that you’re aware of the actual limitations of detoxing weed we can move on to what it takes if the situation is correct.

Step One:

Keep weed or any toxin out of your system totally. Your body can’t detox if it’s still being bombarded by more and more toxins; even one hit or one joint is gonna stop the process. If you can’t do this step then frankly you need to look at a deeper addiction issue.

Step Two:

Start taking a multiple vitamin, and extra C and B. If you have issues relaxing then take melatonin for the duration of time you’re detoxing.

Step Three:

Purchase a urine cleanser over the counter and hope that this does the trick. Use it in the first few days and then at the end of the week but don’t be fooled into thinking you can just do this without the other steps.

Step Four:


Plan for a lifestyle change. Exercise and eat right so your body processes the stuff out. Your body can’t detox under stress with no exercise and a bad diet. Even in a week your body can turn around and do what it needs to do.


If you choose a lifestyle that’s making you scramble to try and find a detox and put your body into shock doing it, then – as we say – you’ve got bigger fish to fry. Maybe looking at why you feel you need to place yourself in this kind of position for this type of lifestyle. Ask yourself if this scrambling for a quick cure worth it? You decide.

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